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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What we are up to....

We have had several people ask about the logistics of our move, so I though I would share!

Both of our cars have been picked up to be shipped, and we are now driving this rented Mustang (I'm not sure how we are getting all of our luggage to the airport in this) for the next day or two.

We finished packing our suitcases to take on the plane last night this morning at 2 am.  In case you are wondering what 30 - 60 days worth of clothes and more things than anyone should ever transport via dragging them to the airport looks like, here's a glimpse....

Breck is trying to figure out which bag he needs to be in to make sure he isn't left!

The chaos of packing began early this morning, and since then all we have heard is tape guns in chorus!  Today they are packing in boxes, and tomorrow they will come back to load everything onto the truck. This is what our little condo looked like this morning prior to about 6 people on our doorstep!

In the meantime, Breck is busy doing this... must be nice I would LOVE a nap about now!

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