"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Season

It is official - wedding season has begun! Our first wedding this year, was that of close friends/family. While I love weddings for the fun receptions, and to see what fun personal touches others put on their wedding, I also love the ceremony. I think this becomes more true now that I am married. The words that pastors choose to use during the ceremony as to the intent of marriage always seem to have a new pearl of wisdom. While they all instill the same truths, I love to hear each person's take on marriage. The vows also seemed to ring so true this time..."to love and to cherish til death do us part." What a phenomenal amount of time to be with the same person...but how nice that God has blessed it, and will always walk with us, and has given us each other to do life with! While I always love Todd, cherish is such a wonderful reminder of the wife I want to be daily - to treat my partner with tenderness and hold him dear. I love it when Todd is that person to me! I'm sure I am not always "cherishable", and while I may not think Todd deserves cherishing at times, I have promised it to him forever! I am so thankful for my loving and cherishing husband...and forever with him!

We had a fun time at the wedding, which was southern from beginning to end. It was held in an old southern mansion, shrimp and grits were on the menu for dinner, "At Last" by Ella Fitzgerald and some timeless country love songs were played, and candied pecans were placed at each place setting as favors. How fun to enjoy the charm of the south...which I miss so much! My non-dancing husband even chose to dance about 30 seconds of a song with me in a hallway! I am so grateful for that! haha Best of all, I had a wonderful time with my family, and all of us were able to share a meal together (with my nephew eating rolls in my lap)!

The unofficial afterparty was held at my parents' home after the reception. Family and close friends gathered for chocolate fondue, finger foods, and more vino! After most everyone had left, and Todd who traveled and worked so hard last week went to bed, a handful of us moved out to the hot tub. Which of course turned into several rounds of jumping into the cold pool, and then all trying to squish back into the hot tub, and losing track of time. Unfortunately, the next morning included a big pancake breakfast that Todd and I had to miss in order to get on the road home. Luckily, we left when we did, because we had quite a long ride home through thunderstorms and yucky rain! However, we are now home safe, and I was glad to be in my own bed for the first time in over a week! Here are a few more pictures from the wedding:

My sister with two of her children, and my little brother standing at the balcony.

My sister's youngest child - so sweet sucking her thumb :)

My parents - they look so good!

My nephew "reading" the comics at my parents' house before bed :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

My best friend

With all of the traveling Todd is doing lately, it really makes me wonder..."what if we lived in Georgia instead of Florida?" While Todd is out of town would I plan more lunch dates with my herds of friends in Atlanta? Would I hop in the car to spend the day at my sister's with my precious nieces and nephew, or plan a shopping trip with my mom? Would I take Breck for walks around Piedmont park to pass the time, or call up friends I have lost touch with since the move to meet up for drinks on a patio? Would I visit my brother at college, and take him out to eat? Truth be told, I'm sure I would do all of these things plus some!

In fact, if we lived in Atlanta, I think we would do many more things than we do in Florida. We would be able to invite my family over to dinner at our house. Or we could see our close friends that live here more often. I'm sure we would make it a point to go to things like the Dogwood Festival, and concerts at Chastain, or frequent Sweetwater brewery. Better yet, we would have great shopping including Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers within miles of our home. We could head up to Athens for football gamedays, or GDay (which I missed this year!), or Athfest, or dinner with our countless friends that live that way!

...I'm sure life would be very different. What would be most different is that I don't know I would truly understand and appreciate the best friend I have in Todd. Being that it is just Todd and I in Florida with no family, and a handful of friends we rely on each other. We have our time apart, and sometimes have to make it a point to. However, for the most part we aren't going our seperate ways for dinner, or fulfilling other obligations. We no longer get together for family birthdays or Sunday night dinners. We certainly have to rely on ourselves or the friendships we have in Florida should we need outside support. So, Todd and I have learned that our church family is amazing family! We have also learned that all friendships are to be treasured and taken care of. And most of all, we have found in each other our best friend!

It is so nice to know that after a long day, Todd is ready to help me cook dinner with an open bottle of wine and great conversation. Or when I need a lunch date to break up the day, or need someone to run some ideas through without picking up the phone...he's there. When there is something little to celebrate, Todd always knows mexican and margaritas do the trick! I love the walks we take after dinner, and our Saturday coffee and farmers market trips. Not to mention, it is so nice to have all the quiet "down" time at our home - just us - that we would have so little of if we lived somewhere else. Time to really feel like we are in sync, on the pulse of each other's needs, and just enjoying quality time.

Which is why I am so grateful for being in a new town with my new husband. Being a newlywed can be a crazy time, and our lives do get a little crazy sometimes! It is so nice to spend it with not only my husband, but my best friend! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Todd has sent you a romantic eCard"

I woke up this morning to Breck whimpering in his crate to get out, and an empty bed...just me! You would think I would be used to this, after all I have only been married a few months. However, it is funny how quickly life together takes over everything you used to know, and do, and consider normal as a single girl! Todd has been traveling a good deal lately, and I must admit it has been hard on me. It makes me truly appreciate my mom who raised three kids while my dad, who is a pilot, was away flying. In fact, it makes me feel a little stupid to complain about Todd being gone so much lately when that is how it is all the time for some couples like my parents.

Regardless, I think it's a little depressing to start your day off alone. I truly believe God made us to walk through life with a partner, someone to support you in countless ways and be a companion. It is so nice to have that in Todd. It was nice to roll over this morning after the realization of another day without Todd, pick up my phone, and have a text from him waiting for me. What was even better was an ecard when I jumped on my laptop this morning.

I know this kind of sounds silly that an ecard made my day, but when Todd and I were dating long distance, I was the queen of ecards. I sent them to Todd for big occassions that I had to miss as well as a mid-week "thinking of you". How fun that Todd returned the favor in a nostalgic sort of way, and spoke my love language!

The best part of the ecard, was the email subject line that prepared me for the tone of the card -- "Todd has sent you a romantic ecard". Not just any ecard, but a romantic ecard. At this point, I figured this must be an ecard site created by a male. He finds it necessary to either set expectations, or make sure that the reader understands the card is supposed to be romantic and therefore ellicit the intended response. Just in case your man doesn't write the most loving things in the card, the company is going to make sure you understand his intent was to be romantic even if he screwed it up! In that case, maybe it is a female, who has been let down a few times! haha Either way, it made me laugh :) Off to enjoy a gorgeous spring day in Georgia!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the A!!!

Todd is in Orlando, and yay for me being in Atlanta (minus the pollen)! Todd was here earlier in the week for work, but I stayed for a wedding this weekend while Todd works from Orlando. So, I have taken advantage of the girl time while I have been here, even though I really wish Todd could be here. :( I went to a bridal shower on Sunday, had lunch at Taquerila del Sol and then dessert at Star Provisions with a very good friend yesterday, and had girls night with some awesome friends tonight. Tomorrow holds a little bit of shopping with my mom, and of course missing Todd! Oh yes, and I chopped off my hair this morning, and Todd (who loves my hair long) has yet to see it!

So, I am sharing a few pics from girls night at Tin Lizzy's tonight-- one of my Atlanta favorite's! Oh, as well as some pics of the new do! I will be sure to update on the weekend's events! Hope everyone is having a wonderul week! Love to you all! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proud moments as a wife

As a wife, I have lots of proud moments, and this is no exception:
We have such a fun community group, and the guys like to play horse after we meet on Sunday nights. Our pastor, who's house we meet at, loves to make shots from chairs, playground equipment, and most recently his daughter's bike. Which is how we got this excellent picture of Todd on the bike shooting the basketball. However, I love how this picture looks like Todd is just super excited to be riding the pink bike! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have been to Disneyland who knows how many times, but have never been to Disneyworld...until yesterday! Todd is in San Diego for work, and my parents have been in town for Easter week. So, we decided we would go to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. We had such a great time, but of course missed Todd! I'm now ready for Todd to get his season pass so we can go play together! ;)

Drinking our way around the World! Disney for big kids!! lol

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duke wins!

Duke played a tough game last night against Butler, but ended up on top! Which means....that I win Todd & I's bracket!!!! Which also means Todd will be planning and executing a home cooked dinner for date night in sometime in the near future!! I will keep everyone updated on our dinner and definitely post pictures!! :)

In the meantime, Todd is heading out to San Diego for work today, and my parents are in town so we are heading to buy Disney tickets this afternoon! It's a beautiful, sunny day outside...off to play!