"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Sunday, March 27, 2011

West Coast Hoods

It is official, we are on the West Coast now!  It all still feels very surreal, and just like before our departure from Orlando I am wondering when it will all feel real!

It has taken me a full weekend of recovery from our travels in order to update our blog, it was a little crazy.  Our flight was late getting in, and I'm pretty sure we waited 30 minutes to deplane!  Once we picked up our checked baggage and got to the car lot to pick up our rental we were so ready to jump in the car and get to the hotel.  However, that is not how things went down....our car was not ready.  Hertz did not honor Todd's gold membership since we were going through a third party, and we waited another 40 minutes just to get in a car.  Lots more drama happened between those events but I will spare you the details.  Then, we got on the 405 headed North to find traffic at 11:30 Pacific time in LA....I thought Atlanta traffic was bad, but LA takes the cake! Why in the world there was completely stopped traffic at that time, I am not sure.  Don't these people know they should go to bed!  So, we finally got to the hotel, and I could barely muster the strength to pull myself out of the car into the lobby, but I knew a bed was on the other side so I did!  Only to find out (yes, again) that they had put us in a handicapped room about 3 miles away from the hotel entrance.  This wouldn't be such a big deal except for this is where we will be for the next month or two!  Breck has to be taken out to the dog run several times a day and that is a long walk, Todd will be at work the majority of the time and I can assure you no one would hear my cries for help if something were wrong all the way from Africa, and I know I am short but two and a half foot high counter tops just aren't necessary or desired!  So, famished and tired we made the long trek back to the lobby to request another room.  At which time, they tried to explain that the handicapped room was reserved for us?!?!? Not sure why, it certainly wasn't prime!  So, we got a new room, dropped our bags at the door and went to bed at approximately 2am EST!  Not only was this an exhausting journey, but can I please share what we had in tow during all of this....

We went to Whole Foods on Saturday and I even found some good gluten free frozen foods to make in our limited hotel room kitchen, in order to avoid so many meals out.  I did not read the labels, I was just too excited by all of the gluten free options, and accidentally bought things that can only be cooked in an oven and you know it...our hotel room only has two stove eyes and a microwave.  Looks like I will be back at the grocery store tomorrow to find better options for the next week!  In addition, I was so excited to pick up hot lunch while we were there.  Todd wanted pizza, and when I saw they had freshly baked gluten free options I was in...until the woman picked it up with the same spatula as she did Todd's gluten-full pizza, continued by putting it on the same cutting board and cut it with the same exact pizza wheel that had already been "glutened" and not washed.  When I told her I was no longer interested due to the gluten contamination she replied, "That's not a big deal" and put it back out for sale!  I hope no one else that is gluten free for health reasons purchased it after me!  No, thank you!  That trip was a failure.  We will try again!

On a good note, we did get to see the house we put an offer in on.  It needs a little TLC (paint, new carpet upstairs, a good cleaning, etc), but we expected that.  In addition, we loved the floorplan and could really picture ourselves in the home!  We are really excited about it.  We met the current homeowners, and they suspect we should hear from the lender in 30-60 days.  We are hoping that is the case!

Here are some additional pictures, if you have been reading my previous posts:

We got up at 5:30 am this morning, after getting in bed by 9 last night!  We are definitely still on Eastern time, but I am kind of liking this early to bed, early to rise stuff!  We went to a church that was suggested by our Pastor in Florida this morning.  When we googled it to get directions, we realized it is right across the street from the house we put an offer on!  Literally, we could walk!  We enjoyed the service, even though we missed the gym (they have a gym they just don't meet in it), familiarity of knowing everyone, set-up and tear-down, and small scale of Crosspointe! ;o)  It was nice to be in organized prayer, worship God, and be in His house after our crazy weekend!

I'm sure it is close to bedtime since I am already yawning!  Early to bed will be a good thing since Todd starts his new job tomorrow!  Please be praying for him tomorrow as I am sure he is anxious to be back in an office full time, in a new position, and with different co-workers.  He has been working both his old position and doing some things for his new position since he accepted the promotion, without any time off for the move.   Additionally, he has full days this week, they were not shy about filling his calendar.  So, please also be praying for him not to get burned out, and for me to be patient with his work/life schedule right now.  Alright, I think that's about it for now!  Besides, it's almost bedtime!! ;)


  1. Sorry you guys had a rough first weekend. Love the house though!!

  2. Moving and changing jobs are two of the MOST stressful things in life. We are praying that God renews your strength and gives you both the grace you need during this transition time to make the momentary trials just a little bump in the road to happiness and fulfillment!

  3. UGH!!! So sorry you guys have had such a rough start out there! We will certainly by praying for you!!

  4. Thank you for all of the prayers! It has been a very strange time of limbo for us, in which I feel we experience the full realm of emotions daily! ;o)