"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bidding Farewell - Part 2

I am writing this from a hotel room bed by the airport.  Todd is on a conference call, and Breck is so excited to be out of his airplane crate and snuggled like a curled up cat next to me on the bed.  We were able to vacate our condo in the evening yesterday after a long day of packing, loading, and cleaning. We even had some friends and neighbors get some final goodbyes in throughout the day.  After the last thing was loaded on the truck, we steam mopped our way out of the condo, grabbed our pile of things in the entry way, and locked the door.    I think we were a little too tired and hungry to be sentimental.  However, I did manage to take a few pictures of the empty place!

So worried I'm going to be left --
so, I will just sit on top of my crate until it is time to go!

Last time....

Goodbye to our cute little condo that we have made so
many wonderful memories in!

After picking up our last convenient meal at Chick-fil-A (the nearest one to our new house is 25 miles away, and from what my Aunt tells me people outside of the South just don't "get" it, so it's not a big deal there...in fact they don't get why CFA isn't open on Sunday and probably don't order Sweet tea!), Todd and I made our way to the hotel.    We commented on how everything still felt very surreal and that it just felt like another day, just a busy one.

We also talked about what Orlando has meant to us....while neither of us wanted to move to Florida (Todd 4 years ago, and me about a year and a half ago), we were very pleasantly surprised by what a big role it has played in our story and how much it grew on us.  Foremost, Todd and I would have never met had he not moved to Florida; it was a mutual friend whom Todd met in Florida that introduced us!  Many memories of us dating bring me back to hot summer days in Orlando and date nights on Park Avenue.  When we returned as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time, the palm trees in Orlando welcomed us home!  Breck is our little piece of Florida...a true Floridian born in Tampa he hates snow (his namesake is a ski town?!?!), shivers in the least bit of cold, and loves to sunbathe!  We have met so many wonderful people along the way that we hope will make "cameos" in the remainder of our story :)  Finally, Todd and I just feel really sentimental when we think of Orlando because this is where we got our start together, made our nest, and learned how to be newlyweds!


  1. My husband and I met in high school in Lake Worth Fl (west palm beach). His family still lives there, and my best friend lives there. We go back to visit, but we love living in Va. The first year was hard, but I'd never want to move back, only visit. Change is hard, but sometimes the best thing that can happen. Happy travels! At least you aren't moving with children! Well human children, hee hee!

  2. That made me so sad! We're so happy to have met you guys and can't wait to make a cameo some time soon. We wish you the very best as you continue on your amazing life journey together! Love you guys!

  3. You are both so right, change can be so hard, but God certainly has a plan for us on this journey!

    Our "child" did so well, but after going through security with him I told Todd I didn't know how people travel with kids!

    ...and yes, these posts make me sad to re-read them! :o(