"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bidding Farewell - Part 3

We are preparing  to board our flight to make our departure from Orlando.  I feel like this is officially where we make the transition from being sad about what we are leaving behind to being excited about what awaits us!  So, this is my final "farewell" post, but I thought it was only appropriate to have one more reflection on something wonderful that we will miss - all of you!

Todd and I do not have family in Florida, and over the past year or so we have truly immersed ourselves in our church - these wonderful people along with other friends became our "Florida Family"!  We have enjoyed "doing life" with them.  To reflect on all of the things we have walked with each other through, it feels like we have been with them for years.  It is amazing how much can happen in such a short time:  new babies, big moves, loss, heartache, celebration, etc!  We will greatly miss you all, but know we have made some lifelong friends, so instead of goodbye we can really just say "See you Soon!"

Thank you to ALL of our friends, we have enjoyed these memories among many, many more:
(Doing this made me sad we don't have pictures with many of you, so come visit so we can take some!)

Freshly married, playing horse at the Hart's and Todd showed me what a
warrior of a husband he would be on his pink bike ;)

Carolyn, one of Todd's first friends in Orlando who later became
a mutual friend, fellow church member, and coworker!
The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Wan, they are giving us a reason to visit in the Fall!
 Great friends, and good times :)

Miss Jaselene - we will miss her smiling face :)
...as well as her Mommy and Daddy's!

I can't say enough about these women -- thank you for your friendship!
The Martins (minus Eva) -- amazing friends who will be greatly missed!
We have known you for a short time, but you have made such a large
impact on our lives!

Playing in the sandbox! :o)

The Pighettis who made such an impression upon us, and taught us the
biggest lesson in faith and trust in God!  We are honored to be a part
of their story!

Miss MacKenzie loving her ice cream!
I will miss her big hugs on Sundays!


  1. So honored to be a part of your story also! Sad to see you go, but can't wait to see what God has planned for you guys! Especially can't wait to see the Ava business thrive in that California sunshine!!