"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orlando Bucket List

Before the craziness of house hunting ensues, Todd and I decided to make a list of all the things we want to make sure we do in Orlando before we leave.  So, while over dessert and drinks at Park Plaza Garden on Park Avenue last night (one down!), we made our list.  We understand that this may be impossible to complete, but we will certainly try our hardest!

Dessert & Drinks at Park Plaza Garden

- Dexter's - Todd needs one more dose of cha cha chips with lava mustard!
- The Columbia - either the original in Tampa or the one in Celebration for one last pitcher of the best mojitos ever!!!
- Berns Steakhouse - Tampa's world-famous steakhouse, with an entire dessert room! (maybe a congratulatory dinner for Todd, me being completely selfless in this!)
- Magic Game - we just need to go!
-Dubsdread - We have to go with our friends Tony & Kelly as it is one of their favorite places to have a drink and dinner on the back porch overlooking the golf course....you would almost think we were back in the South!
- The Ravenous Pig - Their menu changes daily to reflect what is in season and what they are able to get from their local farmers.  The bleu cheese tart salad, and mussels with truffle fries keep us coming back!  Oh, and they have my favorite Athens, Georgia beer on tap, Terrapin!
- Hannibal's - another horribly named restaurant that is amazing - their steak with peppercorn sauce is just phenominal!  ...and I love the oversized blue suede lounge chairs you can slouch down in post-way-too-much-steak!
- The Boat Tour - definitely aimed at older folks, but Todd and I love looking at all the big mansions on the lakes of Winter Park...and for only $10 we're in!
- Disney - We have to go say bye to Mickey and Minnie....they will surely wonder where we went after the numerous trips we made with family and friends over the past year, and our own trips to Epcot's food & Wine Festival (Thank you Epcot for wonderful gluten-free seminars this year!! -- and gosh to whomever decided it would be a great idea for people with food allergies to get wonderful treatment and options in all Disney restaurants!)
- Colibri - I had to save it for last, as it is Todd's #1 must do....chips and salsa with margaritas on the patio overlooking the lake....sounds like a good closing to this chapter to me!


  1. what about air boat rides in the everglades!?

  2. I know I was thinking we should do that....but may be pushing it a little much at this point!! ;) Hey -- how do I follow your blog??