"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, June 25, 2012

Project Frenzy

I have been in this crazy mode of getting project after project done.  These projects have ranged from creating photo albums to touching up trim paint and organizing the garage to planting herbs and berries in our backyard.  I even took our wedding invite and Todd's MHA diploma to get framed last week after purging files in the office.  I can't quite explain the madness, but I do know the end result feels good!  I have been doing projects almost every day, and I must say while I am dead tired each night the house is looking really good and my mind is at peace...until I think of something else I must get done!

I have spent about 4 weeks getting the majority of our albums up to date and working on our wedding albums.  There is still a little more work to do in those, but it is a much more manageable project now.

Several of the digital albums I completed.

Then, I focused my attention on the yard and did a lot of cleanup and planting.  Last week I honed in on some sewing projects including garters for a friends wedding, a valance for the laundry room, and purchased drapery fabric for the dining room.

These make me want to get married again!!

Drapery fabric for the dining room
shown with the paint color (the lightest)
and the fabrics already in the adjacent kitchen

Laundry room valance....
this picture is a little funny and distorted.
There is also black beaded fringe along the bottom.

...and this is the shelf and rod I added
to the laundry room a few months ago.
The laundry room is finally complete!
Then, I painted the remaining trim and doors in the house that didn't quite make the first go around several months ago when I ran out of steam!  This week brings a "to do" list for our exchange students that arrive next week.  I will be preparing their rooms and making other preparations for them over the next few days.  However, I still managed to get in a ton of other projects today.  I painted the half wall in our backyard, planted a hydrangea bush and other plants in the sideyard, and finally planted my lemon tree today!

Painted wall
(it used to be white but now matches our exterior trim color)
The terra cotta pots have our herbs, veggies and lemon tree in them!

Painted wall and blueberry bushes!

Sideyard with new flowers, raspberry plants and hydrangeas!
Now to prop my feet up!  ;o)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Place

Date nights have gotten a bit predicable around here....the same 4 restaurants that we know will have safe gluten free options, that are close by, and have great food.  Sometimes, followed by a movie, or if we went to the Mexican place I like, home to sleep off the humongous margaritas they serve!

Friday was date night, and the same ho hum didn't sound all that fun.  In fact, staying home and having date night in sounded better!  Until we decided to try someplace new, "Old Place" in fact!  Old Place is a tiny little restaurant with max 6 tables and a long bar in Agoura Hills just off Malibou Lake.  The restaurant is just feet from Paramount Ranch, a piece of land complete with an old western town that is owned by Paramount studios and was used to film westerns and several TV shows like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  Not sure if Old Place came about because of Paramount Ranch, but it certainly fits in.  Everything is wood - the walls, the floor, the booths, the bar.   There are pictures on the wall of westerns - I would assume ones that were filmed at Paramount Ranch.  Ironwork, leather and animal bones made up the remainder of the decor.  Parties under 4 aren't able to make a reservation and must come early to snag a place at the bar.  So, at precisely 6pm Todd and I were propped at the bar right before the rush, thankfully!  Beer, wine, tea and water are the only drink options and the menu is what I would imagine cowboys ate -- huge prime ribs, beef stew, 2 pound baked potatoes, chicken pot pie and cobbler for dessert!  However, this was a tad upscale in comparison to the one pot wagon meals they enjoyed.

Not only did we have a wonderful dinner at a times gone by price, but we shared a long bench at the bar with locals that had been going there for years!  We had great conversation with some wonderful people who told us some other hidden gems we needed to visit in the area!  We will most certainly be back!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A break....

I have been on a little hiatus lately!  We have had a lot going on, and unfortunately blogging was not at the top of the list!  However, I am trying to get back into this.....and I'm starting with pictures from our March Oahu trip and a May bridal shower!!