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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ravenous Pig

We have such a lack of food in this house, that I am embarrassed to say we have been eating meals comprised of frozen waffles and pico.  I am convinced it is much easier for Todd to scrounge up a decent meal than it is for me since most of what he can have is not gluten-free for me.  I guess bare cabinets mean that we are doing a great job of finishing what we have already in the house, but also makes us want to get out and have a real meal!  So, tonight we did, and of course took the bucket list into account.  The Ravenous Pig is where we ended up early in the evening on this St. Patrick's Day to avoid the crowds (Really!? How lame does that make us??...and we don't even have kids!).  I will let the pictures do the talking:

I'm not even sure what this is...something with orange and alcohol that was delicious!

My bunless burger with bleu cheese and caramelized onions!

Mussels and truffle fries

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