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Saturday, March 19, 2011

100th Post!!

I can't believe I have had so much to talk about over the last 2 years that I have posted something 100 times!  ...or that anyone would even care what I have to say, but apparently you do based on the hits on this page!

I intended on blogging about going to the Magic game last night, but I also want to share how overwhelmed we have been by our friends' support over the last couple of weeks since we announced we were moving.  We have had so many people send us nice messages, want to see us before we leave, or just tell us how excited they are for us or that we will be missed.  It is so nice to know we have made such caring friends that are supporting us, even if we are leaving!

Tonight, our community group threw us a going away party, and they even prepared gluten-free snacks!  I even took a doggie bag home - such a treat :)  Yet, I think what amazed me most after we got home and I had time to think about it, was that everyone that came was there to see us.  We feel so loved and blessed to have you all as friends, and look forward to continuing our relationships with all of you from the West coast!  I just hope we give to others and care for all of our friends in the same overwhelming way!  Thank you for all of those who have walked with us during any part of our journey -- we appreciate your friendship :o)

Now that I am emotional about this whole thing, I will move on to happier topics!  We went to the Magic v. Nuggets game last night.  We were trying to fit in one last home game and bought the tickets even before we went to LA for our house hunting trip!  Our tickets were great, and the game was even more exciting!  The Magic won the game by sinking a 3-pointer in the last few seconds of the game!  It was a good end to 4 seasons worth of Magic games for Todd...I know he will miss being here, and it will be hard to have to support them from a far!

To make sure we are fully prepared for Laker-loving neighbors, we stocked up on some Magic gear before leaving the Amway Center.  We will have to try to make a Lakers/Magic game while living there.  Otherwise, we can sport this stuff around the house on gamedays!

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