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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sunshine State

Ah, Florida the Sunshine State! They aren't kidding! As it heats up outside, Florida is getting more miserable by the day! Which means crisping at the pool, avoiding Disney during the day, and trying to find things to do inside to avoid going out! There are so many reasons not to love Florida! I told Todd when we were dating that Florida was the last state in the US I would ever choose to move to. haha I most certainly was proven wrong! In my mind, Florida was always a place to visit, and not a place to live - unless I was retired! I have complained to Todd from day one that Orlando is lacking in the cultural arts (less Disney), professional sports teams, the slow change of seasons, and great owner/operator restaurants. To enjoy a day on the lake, you have to be okay with alligators at the shore line, and if you like concerts...don't plan on any big ones coming through town!

However, all that being said, I have recently found a few things I do appreciate, and maybe even love about Florida! Todd, if you are reading this, please pick yourself up off the floor! So, here they are:

1)After two recent trips to Georgia to enjoy the spring weather, I realized that the horrible allergy season that I experience in Georgia is non-existent in Florida! The lack of itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and congested head is such a welcome change :)

2)All of the department stores have an extensive selection of sandals and flip flops...year round! What could be better than a comfy new pair of couture flip flops in the winter with a pair of jeans and a tank! Somehow, my shoe shopping has decreased since my move, and I am completely baffled as to how that happened! Seems like I need to go on a shoe shopping trip!

3)I do miss winter and wearing sweaters and overcoats, but Florida does have wonderful 70 degree winters, which make for awesome dinners on patios in January! Yes, it seems a little strange at first, but it is quite enjoyable!

4)Another product of the mild winters, is that the farmers market is year round! How awesome to be able to support local farmers, and enjoy fresh produce, flowers, cheese, fruit, and seafood all year long! A year round farmers market also makes for the best markets I have ever been to! Lots of selection, permanent facilities, great community involvement, and amazing foods!

5)Finally, I did not realize how spoiled we were until we took Breck to Atlanta and saw how few places we could take him. It is so great to live in such a dog-friendly area, in which Breck can eat on patios with us, go into boutiques, and stay in hotels when we are on the road! As a puppy, it is easy to worry about him at home in his crate - can he hold it until I get home, is he crying so loud the neighbors hear him, and the list goes on. It is so nice to throw him in the car when I need to run out somewhere real quick without having to feel guilty or go through the crate routine. It has made for such a socialized and happy puppy who does not have anxiety about being in the car or new places.

I think 5 things is enough, I certainly wouldn't want to overdo it! ;)

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