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Friday, May 28, 2010

It Happened!

After over 6 months of marriage, it finally happened! We have been so careful, and really cherished our things. However, tonight, as I was making dinner, it was a complete accident -- and I am the one that did it! The day was going great, and we had just returned home from Whole Foods with ribeye steaks (that were on sale!!), local green beans, and yukon potatoes. I bought Rosemary preserves last week at the Dahlonega Farmers Market with my sister and was ready to try it out on our steaks. I was really looking forward to date night in with Todd, the Magic game, and especially ready for a glass of wine! That's when it happened....

I opened the fridge door to put the cream I used for the gratin potatoes back in the fridge, and one of our platters fell on the ceramic tile -- and yes, it shattered! Luckily not our china, but still one of our awesome everyday dishes from Williams Sonoma! The worst tragedy of all of it, was that there were leftover brownies on the platter that are now in the trash after their descent from the fridge!

The funniest part of it was that as I broke the platter, Todd was walking into the kitchen telling me about how his bonus is supposed to be in our account next week. I replied, without missing a beat, "Oh, so we will be able to afford a new platter then?" ;)

So, it got me to wondering...only after beating myself up over breaking the platter and being moments away from tears...is this bad luck? Surely, with all of the wedding traditions out there, such as for every ribbon you break at your showers you will be blessed with a child -- there has to be something about this. When you break your first wedding gift, what happens? Does this mean it will be another 6 months before we concieve, or that we will have a large expense in our near future? Hopefully, it just means that we use our dishes regulary and enjoy them :)

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