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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving Day?!?!

Ater only 6 months in our first home together, Todd and I are unexpectedly moving! Our current apartment has had several ongoing issues, but certainly shouldn't considering how high our rent is! Among the laundry list of things, the biggest is that we have leaking and unsealed windows that we have been dealing with for months now with no remedy. We have had a tarp in our upstairs window for five months, mold and mildew problems, high power bills, sagging ceilings, and puddles when it rains. We have consistently put in work orders for follow up, but our leasing office didn't seem concerned. Todd finally spoke with the property manager yesterday, and due to the extent of the problems, and the time requirement it would take to fix all of the problems, we were given the option to move out. The drywall around all of the windows has to be pulled out as well as the framing, the windows all have to be ordered and replaced, new windows need to be installed and sealed...it could be months of major work...and they haven't seemed too motivated to diagnose the problem considering this is month six! This paired with Todd working out of the house, the mold and mildew issue, and with the extreme power bills we have already been experiencing, it is in our best interest to move.

When we woke up yesterday morning, we had no idea what a twist our lives would take so quickly. After Todd's discussion with the property manager yesterday afternoon, we decided to sleep on it and see what other options there were for us in Orlando before making a decision. So, we looked at several new living options first thing this morning, and immediately felt that moving out was not only the obvious decision, but made more sense financially. We found a place that we are currently in negotiations on. It is only a few miles across town and includes two balconies, a much larger bathroom, his and hers closets, a doorman for added security, a nicer kitchen, and covered parking among so many other amenties! Not only will we be getting more, but our monthly costs will be hundreds lower! Most of all, when Todd is traveling, I will feel much safer in such a secure building. Todd is traveling a good deal next week, and then we are heading to Atlanta for Todd's work, upon our return from Atlanta Todd is traveling again for work! When we started discussing moving dates we certainly had to take all of Todd's travel into consideration. We were also concerned about the exposed mold and mildew, sheetrock that had been pulled off of our window frames, and our power bill. After speaking with the seller of the condo we are considering, it is looking like Tuesday is moving day....yes, Tuesday as in 4 days from now! A little over 24 hours ago, I woke up in my bed thinking we would have a relaxing weekend -- I am now only a few days from having to have this apartment vacated. I am a little bit overwhelmed, but at the same time I know it will all work out and I will be relieved that it is already done in a few weeks.

We have been so blessed with great friends here who have already offered to help in any way they can. We will be praying that our new home will be secured in the next several hours, and that we will have a productive weekend of packing so that we are ready to go on moving day!

I will leave you all with a few pictures of our current apartment issues: Enjoy! I know our leasing office cringed when they got an email from us with these attached!

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