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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mail - in piles!!

I'm not quite sure why we get so much mail, but we do! Part of it is due to Todd's profession, I get duplicate mailers in both my married and maiden name, and wedding and shower invites seem to come daily! However, our mail is out of control and I am convinced there has to be more of a reason than those I already listed! We seem to always have a good bit of mail that requires follow up or a reminder glance, it can't just be handled and tossed, or sent back. Instead, we put in on the counter, or on one of our desks as a reminder that we need to look at it again. What results is piles of mail that need to be gone through every few days to make sure we don't miss something. Due to the volume, what needs immediate attention gets it, and what can wait stays in the pile! Ugh - it is a never ending fight! It is worse than the revolving laundry at our house! Which is a whole new topic -- why do just the two of us have so much laundry??

I was just so over the mail situation, it was consuming my day to contantly go through the numerous piles! ...or maybe it was Spring knocking at the door telling me it was time to deep clean! Todd had a dinner meeting for work last night, and for the first time since this hot weather moved in we were having evening thunderstorms to cool everything down. It was a good night to stay in, and get a few things done. Whatever the reason, it happened! So, I turned on mindless re-runs of The Real Housewives of New York (since I was so tired of watching the stock market news all afternoon), lit a few candles, got a big glass of ice water with lemon, and went to work!

Breck didn't know what had happened he followed me up and down the stairs twenty times! I went from Todd's office, to mine, to the filing cabinet, downstairs to the kitchen, back upstairs to shred some documents...I was a busy girl! I think at some point adrenaline kicked in and I might have even lost a few pounds!

Todd came home to an organized mail filing system complete with labels made with my label maker! Now all we have to do is use the system...files for immediate attention required, follow up withig 30 days, and even past mail to file. The bug has bit, I am now on to new organization projects!

This is Breck after his long and tiring night at home with me!

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