"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Place, New Space!

Thought I would share a few pictures of the new place. Please keep in mind, we have only been here 5 days, and this is post party condition :) So please ignore the trash bag hanging off the kitchen cabinet, the boxes on the balcony, etc. etc. etc!! Oh, and if anyone has an idea of what to do with all of the diplomas propped on the floor in the guest room I would love your input...otherwise I will be hanging them in a huge mural on the wall! And special thanks to my awesome Dad for helping me make the long shelf on the wall of our entry with the pictures propped on it. While I was in Atlanta last week, we made a trip to Home Depot and made the 8 foot shelf from crown molding and pine. Thanks Dad :)


  1. WOW!!! I absolutely love it! The kitchen and the grill are amazing! Is this an apartment? Condo?? It is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Sarah! It is a condo in downtown Orlando that we are renting from the developer, who owns several of the original units in the building. The kitchen and grill sold it to us too :) Oh, and the double vanity in the bathroom!

  3. Nice black shelf...where did you get it?? ;)