"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There's no place like home!

I have been so tough this last year pushing through sickness, but this weekend was the exception. We went to visit Todd's parent's in Gulf Shores (their winter home!) for what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend. Instead, my body and this yucky tummy flu bug had different plans for me! I started to get sick on the drive up, which was no fun. I think Todd thought I was just car sick...for a while even I thought maybe it was in my head. Why couldn't I shake this? How frustrating - I wanted to turn around and go back home, but we kept driving. We made more stops than we normally would on the drive up - I was really feeling green! When we arrived, I pulled myself together, went inside and greeted everyone and promptly laid in bed thinking a little nap would help. I would wake up an hour later and feel brand new. However, an hour later I felt worse, and it only progressed through the night. I had the full blown tummy flu and really wanted to be at home in my own bed. I knew Todd was right and it would make no sense to get back in the car and attempt the drive home, but I didn't want an "audience" and wanted to be snuggled in the comfort of my own home and bed and pillows, or even bathroom floor! Todd put up with my continual whining every time he came in to check on me or make me attempt to keep down more meds. Please don't think he was torn up by my sickness, he was probably rejoicing since it meant uninterupted basketball watching with his dad for the weekend. In fact, now that I think about it he may have chosen this weekend to go there for a reason - strength in numbers maybe?? haha

Saturday morning greeted me with a trip to urgent care due to continued nausea, inability to keep anything down, and the effects of dehydration! I think this was Todd and I's first doctor visit together...I know how exciting! HA! Todd did take good care of me, and while we waited for my scripts to be filled, he walked through the aisles of Target with me picking up broth, crackers, and anything else I might keep down. The rest of the day was a waste, and spent catching up on much needed sleep from the night before thanks to good drugs.

Sunday, I got up and humored everyone by going to church. I would have slept on Todd's shoulder through the service and lunch if I could have gotten away with it, but unfortunately I am not 12 anymore. :( I was still not well, but trying to not be a complete drag! The one thing Todd's mom wanted to do while we were there was go shopping, so we went for an hour on Sunday and I was worn out! I went home to do nothing other than sleep! Todd woke me up Monday morning in just enough time to pack my suitcase of unused clothes (I wore jammies all weekend), and get on the road. Thank goodness we were finally on our way home!

I am still recovering from this flu that kicked my butt! However, as of last night I get to do it in my own bed! Todd is out of town for work, and I talked to my parents and brother tonight (and need to call my sister)- gosh I miss all of them! Sitting at home by myself with Breck in my lap makes me think about all of those I love...and miss greatly! ...and there's nothing like being sick to make you wish you were back in the days of Jello-O and cartoons on the couch, home from school, trying not to get your siblings sick, with Mom doting on you! Off to bed -- have to be up early and am ready for a normal night of sleep! There is no place like home! :)

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