"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

I knew I was marrying a basketball lover from the beginning. The fact that basketball would be in our house daily in one way or another was never a suprise to me!

Basketball was never a big thing in my house growing up. Therefore, football being the game of choice on our TV, I am a football fan. I was a cheerleader in high school, and while basketball was fun, football was the coveted squad to be on. Basketball cheerleading also meant no life - games 3 times a week all over the state, and long bus rides only to get home at midnight and rushing to do homework before school the next day. It meant doing homework in the bleachers in between games sometimes, fast food dinners the majority of the week, and wearing short skirts in a gym when it was 30 degrees outside. Basketball games in person are fun, and I've even bought Todd and I tickets to games before. However, it is so hard to get into such a fast-paced game on TV for me. Football is just my thing...I like to tailgate, have people over to watch games, and own a jersey or two. I beat about 70 males in an office NFL survivor pool and won a good chunk of change two years ago. I love fall for several reasons, but one of them would be football season!

That being said I am slowly learning to love basketball, but I don't think it is possible to develop to the extent Todd does! Todd is touted by his friends to know anything about basketball there is to know. I was at trivia night in Atlanta before we got married with some mutual friends of ours. One of the sports questions was to name the colleges that five different NBA players attended. A group of 12 of us (consisting of sports loving guys) struggled to name 2 or 3 of the 5. At one point, Todd and I's friend Chris looked over and said, "I wish Todd were here, he would know". A week later Todd was in town, and the story of our trivia flop was told, Todd immediately knew the answer for all five guys after being told the question we missed. He could even name the high school they attended, and other information no one should have room for in their brain! I was geared up and ready for basketball in our home -- and ready for the undeniable fact that I would most likely be sucked into it too!

Right out of the gate, Todd made it clear basketball was king in our home! The first day of our honeymoon, Todd acquired tickets to the Maui invitational. We had a great time -- the gym was half the size of the one at my high school and such a fun atmosphere! We got settled in our new home in Florida, and not even a week later Todd was taking off to go to a Magic game with friends. That's alright, I ventured out to the mall that night and did a little bit of damage! And I'm sure you have guessed it, basketball has been on our TV nonstop lately. Yesterday Todd was out of town for work, so I got a nice break from what would have otherwise been a full day of hoops! Instead, he got home and it was on our TV no more than 5 minutes after he walked in the door. I fell asleep to basketball last night :)

We have both filled out brackets for march madness. I know I don't have much of a prayer against the guy who knows every player, every coach they have player for, their height, and their stats since 1996. But, I taped them to the front of the fridge anyway (nothing goes on the front of our fridge, only on the side). After yesterday's games, Todd is up a game or two. However, I let myself put Georgetown through much further than they should have, and after their loss yesterday I am hurting! But, the great thing about basketball is you never know who is going to win -- I love a good Cinderalla story! So, here's to hoping that I make it out of this without being too embaressed to keep my bracket on the fridge!


  1. I would like a bracket update!!! Mine is pretty much busted after round 3. And for the stats and things, it's like history boys tend to just better at remembering them. You'll catch on quick. Focus on learning the game more than the players....just my little input on it.

  2. Kaili, you would be so proud of me - I won!! You have to check out my more recent post :) It was definitely a bunch of luck, but I chose Duke to win! I will post my celebratory dinner as soon as it happens ;) haha