"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, March 1, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

We just got back from a whirlwind tour of the southeast this past week! We left for Atlanta last Wednesday morning, and arrived in the late afternoon. Todd had a meeting that night at Seasons 52, so I dropped him off, and proceeded to girls night at Eclipse de Luna! We had such a great time, and enjoyed margaritas of course! I have decided that we need to do this everytime I am in town! Thanks to Lisa Anne for always having a camera...

The next day, after Todd returned from meetings in Atlanta, we left for Birmingham and spent the evening at one of Todd's coworker's for dinner. We stayed at the Ross Bridge Renaissance that night, which was so fun since we stayed there the night of our wedding! However, we were actually able to enjoy our room and the hotel a bit more than that night when we rushed in, and the next morning when we rushed out. We had such a great and relaxing breakfast the next morning overlooking the golf course with a shrimp and chirizzo fritata and a smoothie over the paper. Todd then left me so that he could go teach a pharmacy class at Samford -- after all, it was the reason we were in Birmingham. We enjoyed lunch with some good friends of ours, Beau and Rachel before hitting the road back to Atlanta.

We returned back to Atlanta for my brother-in-law's surprise "yay for making partner" party. Oh, and also my sister's birthday was this weekend, so my mom and I made her cupcakes with little pink and yellow gumpaste daisies. Sorry, I failed at takign pictures this weekend! It was so nice to spend the weekend with family and friends. My nieces and nephew gave Breck so much love while we were in town, and my Dad affectionately named him Oscar the Grouch...because that is who he would favor if he were only green! haha I think I may have to agree! Halloween costume idea?? Maybe!!

We made the long drive home yesterday, and as always were happy to be home! Today, I was so excited to put up the drapes my mom made for me while we were home. I bought some toile fabric years ago, and always had the intention of having her make them, but never knew what I wanted. So, I decided to finally just have something very simple and versatile done with them for our guest room. That way, they will be very easily used in whatever home we live in. I'm sure Todd is happy I waited to have them made, because they were originally for my bedroom when I was single, and I had planned on fringe, and lots of girlie flair! So, here is a peek...thanks Mom, they look great and I love them!!!


  1. Please let Jaqui know my room is coming a long nicely!! lol Joking!! Glad everything is going so well, no mention of a 100 days of marriage?

  2. I knew I was forgetting something in that laundry list of a post! haha But yes, yay to 100 days of marriage!! Harry Potter opens at Universal soon...we are expecting guests in our guest room! haha