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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

100 days of Marriage!!

Yes, I am a little late on this post. My cousin never misses a beat, and pointed out my failure to include it in my March 1st posting! Thanks for the reminder :) Todd and I have been married 100 amazing days now! Most people talk about how difficult the first year is...learning to live together, be in each others' space all the time, re-learn "normal", etc. We have a few challenging moments, but for the most part it has been so much fun! Learning about each other, and starting a life together has been such a blessing for us! So here are some things we have learned among all the fun:

-Todd is a morning person, and I am well...NOT! He likes to be up first thing in the morning, take his shower and be completely ready before starting his day. I, on the other hand, like to enjoy my tea in jammies and hit the computer for a bit before jumping in the shower. Learning point: Todd smells good in the morning, and I do not!

-I am a night owl, and Todd is not! If I get going doing something, you bet I will stay up until it is done. Todd, well he shuts down around 9, and once he is done...he should be left alone! Learning point: Let Todd shut down at night, and stay clear til the morning! ;)

-We are both OCD! While I like to keep things organized and put away, Todd likes them organized and in plain sight. So, his tidy little piles of work materials under his desk dont bother him. However, when we have company over I like them to shift to drawers or in a closet -- especially since Todd's office is also our guest room. Learning point: While we are both OCD, we seem to differ here. I may have to be the one to get over it.

-Todd likes salty and I like sweet. I know we will never agree on this. I will not snack on anything all day, but reward myself after dinner with a bowl of ice cream. Todd isn't a fan of sweets and would rather snack on chips and salsa during the day. Learning point: He doesn't complain about my stash in the freezer, and I don't say a word about his stash in the pantry!

-1700 square feet is not as big as it seems. Who knew moving two 1000 square foot apartments into a 1700 square foot space would not be enough! We had a bed too many, way too many sets of mis-matched dishes (You guessed it, the dishes were Todd's), a desk too many, too many armoires, and as Todd calls it "Elizabeth's stuff". Learning point: I had to come to terms with getting rid of some of my amazing girlie things like my antique rod iron chandelier-style candelabra. I'm sure others are loving my things now. ;'( Todd had to learn that his 15 year old full mattress would not be as appreciated by our overnight guests as my 7 year old queen mattress. PS - His mom commented on how wonderful our guest bed was when they came to visit...I think that helped Todd's learning curve ;)

-.... oh yes, and Todd learned that all my "stuff" makes for such a cozy and decorated home! So do area rugs on cement floors.

-Todd has very contemporary taste, while mine is more traditional. We have had to make lots of compromises in decorating the house, and purchasing things. Learning point: It was not easy blending the two styles, but it turned out so great. Masculine and feminine at the same time!

-We both like to save money....on different things! Todd would eat Boca burgers and cereal for every meal in order to save money...as if we are in college and can't afford more than Ramen noodles! haha However, I enjoy no longer being in college and good food, and think eating should be an event! I like to save money by hunting for deals, Todd does not like the thrill of the hunt as I do. He would rather walk in and pay full price to have it done with. Learning point: I do the grocery shopping for the most part, we seem to have a more balanced diet that way, and after all I do the cooking. Todd does not have to worry about my spending being out of control since our last months clothing expenses are as follows: Todd $700 (a navy jacket from his favorite expensive boutique on Park Ave., John Craig) Elizabeth $65 (a pair of Lucky jeans from the outlet, and a cute graphic print long sleeve shirt from the Eddie Bauer outlet)

-Todd did not want pets, and I wanted a dog. I thought we would have to have an adorable little girl big enough to beg for a puppy before I ever got one. After exposing Todd to friends with cute, fun little dogs, Todd gave in. Learning point: When I am ready for children, I will simply expose Todd to friends with cute, fun little kids!

I'm sure there is so much more! I tried to hit the high points! Haha For anyone wondering, Todd did approve this message...and even laughed a few times! ;) Well, off to take my shower...only kidding I am bathed already, just not very put together! I am actually off to make dinner for a couple at our church who have a premature baby in the hospital, give Breck a bath, and do a run-through pick-up of the house before we a have a friend of Todd's over for dinner tonight. Chao!

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