"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love having company in town. I think it is so fun to have house guests, and even just dinner guests. In fact, I think event planning would be my "fun job" if I could have any job I wanted. Entertaining is in my blood; I'm an extrovert! Todd made fun of me a few weeks ago because he answered questions to a quiz in my Mom's food network magazine about my entertaining style. I don't remember what the exact title of what I am was, but I fell between a casual hostess, and the "trying too hard hostess" -- which doesn't make sense that I could be both in the first place. He found this quite funny...but, I don't think it is that I am trying, it's that I enjoy doing it! Magazine quizzes are so stupid - they only give four options that fit you into 4 stereotypes based on your answers...or their answers that don't quite fit what you would have answered. Anyway....It is so much different to be hostessing as a couple than by yourself -- definitely more fun. I think we get more guests now too. No one wants to bring their family over to the single girl's house for dinner. I like being able to use all of my platters and fun serving dishes outside of girls night (the only time I would have people over before beign married). Setting the table, or making a spread of food is always fun, as well as planning a menu. I love using the nice napkins that we don't use daily, and setting out our monogrammed soaps and things in the guest bathroom. I'm sure this wouldn't be half as fun if we weren't married. A monogram for yourself isn't quite as fun, and looks a little funny to guests I am sure. Who knew I would ever be saying this.... I remember thinking to myself as a child that I would never have "guest towels". We were never allowed to use the guest towels because they were for guests, and it was always a big deal that the house was cleaned spotless before they got to town. Having guests as a child wasn't this fun; it meant work. Which is quite ironic because the work of it is now what I love about it. I am sure my poor children will not enjoy the hoopla of having guests over. In fact, I think Todd is experiencing this already. I cleaned the guest bathroom last week, and he continued to go to the bathroom in it which meant I had to continually clean it until our guests arrived. Just like my mom, I wanted to clean it and let is sit a spotless shrine until guests arrived. Just walk the extra steps down the hall to a different bathroom...it makes complete sense to me! I'm sure he was ready to lose it, but I was too! haha

We are currently looking at several dates on the calendar in the next few months where we may have some guests in town, and it is getting me so excited! Since we got married, both of our parents have come to stay with us, and my parents helped us move which we were so thankful for! Just last weekend, we had our good friends from Atlanta come stay and we had a great time! They brought their maltese, so it was a big time for everyone, even Breck! My parents are planning another trip next month. It will be nice to have them here, because Todd will be out of town for work for part of their visit. Yes, I am a baby when it comes to Todd being out of town. It is worrisome when I don't know many people around here I could call if I needed something while he was gone. I am working on building up some friendships and a better support system here though! Finally, the icing on the cake is that my cousins and aunt and uncle from Seattle are coming to town for a week in October and doing the whole Disney/Universal thing (For the new Harry Potter exhibit). In addition, my parents are coming to stay with us during that time to meet up with everyone, and my sister and brother-in-law and their kids may be coming also. We love the fall for so many reasons, but this will be another reason to look forward to it!

Todd and I are having margaritas and homemade tacos for dinner tonight. So, cheers to being so blessed with quality time with Todd in our first home together, and to all of those who pass through our door! :o)

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