"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, February 7, 2011

Waiting Rooms...

I have not been blogging lately.  Foremost, because we have been so busy lately!  But, also because we are in several theoretical "waiting rooms" at the current time.  ::Sidenote:  If you haven't heard Jonny Diaz's single "Waiting Room", please download it, or look it up on YouTube - it is my current anthem!::  The last few weeks have involved some changes that have made us stand back and just take things in versus our normal "keep on moving" lifestyle!  So, as we take a deep breath, try to be at peace in our current situations, and try to enjoy the journey, I am being still and silent so that we can be sure to hear God's providence filling our life, and not that of our own doing or desire!  God is great, and has certainly blessed us!  :)

In other news, Todd and I have had the opportunity to have some great marriage-building activities lately, and we feel so lucky to be married to our best friend!  We certainly do not take this for granted, and understand many are not as lucky as us, so we are taking every opportunity to work towards a harmonious lifetime together!  Specifically, we are so thankful for our community group of awesome couples who are so uplifting and such a joy to "do" life with...so much so we are constantly intermingling with each other during the week!  Also, our church just started a new sermon series titled " Battle of the Sexes" that focuses on God's intention for the roles of women and men.  It is such a wonderful reminder as to who I should be as a wife made in God's image.  We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks' messages!

Finally, Todd and I recently returned from a wonderful weekend in Atlanta, where we welcomed a new nephew -- we are now "Uncie" Todd and Aunt Beth to 6 beautiful kids!  ...and while we were there my Mom helped me jumpstart the journey to scrapbooking our lives for the last year and a half by finally uploading the Creative Memories sbcStudio to my Mac!  Now, I just have to use it!!!  :)

Now, off to bed so I can kick off another crazy week that includes Todd traveling (again!!).....

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