"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon!

Growing up, I remember occasional Saturday mornings, when the entire family would jump in my parents' bed. We would all squish in their queen bed - all five of us - and talk, and giggle, and entertain each other. Those are such fond memories...maybe because they meant we didn't have other places to be that morning, or because it usually meant a low key remainder of day, or just that we laughed all morning....until someone got hurt and then the fun was over! Regardless, I loved that we all slowed down to have a morning together!

Now that I am a newlywed, I am really appreciating the times in our marriage where we slow down to have time together. I know we don't have kids to jump in bed with us yet and keep us rolling with laughter, but it's always nice to reconnect with each other. It has been a great weekend of relaxation! We spent several hours at the pool yesterday and met some great neighbors that are old enough to be our parents, but still wonderful company. They asked Todd several questions about the medications they were on, refered us to their financial advisors, and were so surprised that "children" under 40 were so conservative. It rained later in the afternoon, so we stayed in and watched two movies. Cuddling up under a blanket while it is raining outside and watching a movie is the best! Not to mention, the dryer was running, which makes a home that much more cozy to me! Maybe that also stems from my childhood, where the house I last lived in with my parents had the laundry room adjacent from my bedroom and my Mom seemd to always run the dryer at night as I dozed off. Funny how sounds can be of such comfort! I feel the same way in the fall during football season; the sound of football on TV makes me think of my dad :) I'm not sure what sounds make me think of Todd yet - maybe his snore as I try to sleep at night, his beloved basketball on TV, his shower in the morning as I try to get in a few extra minutes of sleep, or maybe his stressed out grunts as he runs his credit card at the grocery store. Poor bachelor, he didn't understand that while it is cheaper to eat at home, the grocery bill is still inevitable! And PS, I have not posted my NCAA March Madness victory dinner pics yet, because, well, it hasn't happened! I am being oh so patient though, and trying very very VERY hard not to nag!

Oh yes, back to relaxing things... Today began with a wonderful morning at church, breakfast for lunch, and has now turned into a lazy Sunday afternoon! Both of my boys (Todd and Breck) are napping oh so soundly in the bed while I sit here typing away, finishing the last of my laundry pile, cleaning the kitchen, and sorting coupons (to help Todd's buyers remorse)! So, maybe it is a little more relaxing for them, than me, at this point!

Not only do I love and appreciate this time with Todd now, but I look forward to years of it! I hope that we continue to take time to slow down and appreciate each other. And when we have kids, I hope that they jump in our bed on Saturday mornings also!

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