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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poor Breck :(

I dropped Breck off at the groomer this afternoon as we do every month. He looked a little something like this (overgrown and ready for a trim):

However, when I arrived to pick him up, he looked like this!!!

As I'm sure you can tell, I was not in control of this drastic change. The guy that grooms him has always listened to every neurotic request I have had in the past -- and his cut has, for the most part, stayed consistent for the last six months. So, I can only assume, that I assumed too much was understood in what I communicated when I dropped Breck off. I know lots of people who keep their maltese's cut this way and they look great, but I loved Breck in his shaggy puppy do! He is so tiny and skinny now! To be honest, I told Todd he looked like a girl poodle! Then, the calmer side of me (which did not want to make an appearance initially), told myself that it would be okay for a few reasons: he would be cooler for the summer, it would cut back on the amount of mats he gets, and after all it is hair...it grows! But, the emotional side of me was going crazy inside and wanted to cry! What had they done to my poor puppy? I even asked Todd in the car on the way home, "Do you think he (Breck) is upset that he looks naked?" So, now I feel horribly about it, and we leave for Atlanta in a few days. I am so concerned my nieces and nephew will have no idea who the strange, naked puppy is that Aunt Beth brought with her!

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