"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a Small World

I recently read a story on Walt Disney World's blog about a couple who found out what a small world it is! They were sorting through childhood pictures in order to create a slideshow for their wedding, as many engaged couples do, when they came across a very familiar childhood picture. It was a picture of the bride with her brothers posing with Mr. Smee at Disney World. However, when the groom took a look at the picture he saw something else -- himself!

What makes this picture even more ironic is that The bride's family was from Miami, and the groom was from Canada. Fourteen years later, the bride would go to work for the groom's family and they would "meet" again. The bride remarked that they loved to go to Disney while they were dating, and never knew what a significant role it would play in their relationship until they were only a week away from marriage!

This story is so sweet to me, and just pulls at my romantic, teary-eyed, heartstrings. While it is easy to see the coincidence and irony in the whole story, I think it is something more! What are the chances these two people would be in the same place at exactly the same moment when this one picture was taken? And that years later they would meet after being so far apart, and even later pull out this exact picture to put in their slideshow? This picture could have stayed in the bottom of a closet at her parents' home and never been discovered! Makes me wonder -- have Todd and I crossed paths in our past and don't even know it? What a fun story, and especially a blessing for this couple...a little Disney magic ;)

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