"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friday, September 30, 2011

Reno Hood-style!

I posted our appliances on Craigslist this morning, requiring pickup on Monday before the kitchen demo.  However, I got an email within two hours showing interest in all 6 appliances and wanting to see them before the end of the work day.  They came out the house 10 minutes later,  left me with a 50% down payment, asked to pick up first thing tomorrow morning, and agreed to haul off many of the other things we had recently removed from the house!  I couldn't say no...I took the cash and smiled!!

It wasn't until Todd got home and I was explaining that I had sold the appliances, including the fridge, and they would be gone at 7 am tomorrow morning that I realized the full gravity of the situation!  Our new fridge will not be installed until mid-next week if everything goes as planned!  We planned on a few days without a fridge, but the weekend was a whole new ballgame.  Our solution?  Of course we had one -- and it seemed fun for a little bit, but now I am just miserable and have my feet propped up! We started by reducing the amount of food and beverages in our fridge and freezer.....yes, that means we have spent the last few hours indulging in ice cream and sorbet, and making margaritas with the remainder of the lemonade and limeade in the fridge!  Then, while enjoying my margarita, I moved everything from the fridge to the wine fridge which we temporarily set up in the dining room.  Tomorrow morning, I will move what is left in the freezer into the wine fridge and hope to eat as much of it throughout the day as I can, and then cross my fingers that what is left can just de-thaw and be okay for a few days!

As if being full, enjoying a little something, and running back and forth between the kitchen and dining room wasn't enough.....I continued!  I set up a temporary kitchen for the next week in our dining room.  Need proof I really did all of this tonight on top of the glutonous eating??  Here it is:  :o)

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