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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guest Room in Progress....

Todd's parents are coming to visit, and with the guest bathroom tiling just completed, we decided to go all in and get it painted and furnished!  I don't know what I was thinking, but I completely forgot to take before pictures of our guest bedroom.  I do have two pictures from our house hunting trip, so the old owners' things are in the room:

As you can see, we had to work around a large amount of green tile.  In addition, the glass shower doors were missing when we moved in, the carpet in the bathroom (again, yuck!) had lived it's last day, and the door handles ranged from brass to chrome and brushed nickel!  While we just have not had enough time in a day to finish all of these projects, we have made huge strides!

First things first, we had the floor in the bathroom tiled.  I tried to keep with the more rustic Spanish-country look of the rest of the house, instead of letting the shiny green tiles run the show.  So, I went with an Italian porcelain tile that looked like natural stone to team up with the hardwoods in the attached guest room.

While I didn't want the green tile to take over, I knew I had to somehow embrace it while toning it down.  So, I decided to do with a green, white and silver/grey color combination to create a shabby chic look in the room.  Therefore, the walls were painted next in a calm grey with a touch of green to it, Koala Bear by Behr.

Now came the fun part, I needed to purchase a few new pieces of furniture and accessories for the room.  I have been looking for the exact piece of furniture that I had in my mind for months, with no such luck.  While wandering through Home Goods earlier this week I found two pieces that had the bones I wanted but weren't the right finish, and since I didn't even pay $300 for them combined I did not feel guilty painting them!

I really wanted a small chest of old square postal drawers instead of a dresser, but couldn't find any under several thousand dollars, even after antique shopping and ebaying.  This was such an exciting find, as it seemed to feed my big-enough-to-hold-something-substantial, but with cute-little-bank-of-drawers craving!  Shopping moral of the story - don't give up!

As you can see, it was a little too shabby for my room!  I wanted distressed, but this was just overboard! So, I painted it in some Cottage White Behr paint we had leftover from walls upstairs.  Then, I took some sandpaper to it to make the character from underneath come through.  I must say, I am embarrassed to even post this after picture with this ridiculous excuse for a discreet TV on it!  I knew I couldn't leave Todd's parents without a TV for two weekends!

Once the TV is gone, I will be hanging a mirror over this chest.  Again, the mirror I found was not the color I wanted, but I got it for a steal so it didn't matter.  It was a quick and easy spray paint project that went from this....

To this....

The last piece I purchased was an end table to continue pulling together my "Elizabeth's take on country" guest room.  I giggle as I say that because my sister does not believe I can do anything "country".  At our rehearsal dinner she made a toast explaining our relationship as country mouse, and city mouse...her as rustic brown and me as black and chrome!  I don't know that it is that bad, but I do have to admit I even surprised myself when I painted this night table which was a charcoal color, white.  Here is the night table before...

...and here it is in the room after.... Sidenote:: I am considering painting the wall plaque over the bed (which hides an electric box) white to match the furniture.  What are your thoughts??  Also, the bedding is stark white and temporary, I'm thinking off-white plushness with touches of green - any suggestions??

Okay, so now that I have put proof of my big decorating stretch out there for all of you to see, I must say how much I LOVE my new silver Ethan Allen bed!!  :o)

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you the completed bathroom....

As you can see, we have made a great deal of progress.  However, there are a few more projects to complete in here. They include:  patching the bathroom wall where we removed the diseased medicine cabinet, replacing door hardware so it all matches, complete painting the trim and doors (I got burned out), hanging the mirror over the chest, possibly painting the wall plaque, purchasing new bedding, and sealing the grout in the bathroom.  I will be sure to post when it is finished!  Now, we are off to be tourists with Todd's parents!

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  1. You are so cute and such a good decorator! Great job! Wish I could come stay in it. I like the idea of painting that piece white. Go for it, girl!