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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Reno Drama

Our chandelier for the foyer finally came in, and I was so happy to have the exposed wires in the ceiling covered!  We had our contractor hang it due to the height of the ceiling which required scaffolding.  Thank goodness he was in charge of the project because the wiring in the fixture was faulty and sent surges through our electrical system causing shorts -- I would have had no idea how to diagnose this issue!  We are now waiting for a replacement fixture in order to go through the entire process of hanging again and fixing our blown fuses.

No worries...there is plenty of other reno drama where that comes from!  In other news, the master bathroom is on hold because we are waiting on our claw foot tub to be delivered.  Our contractor wants to triple check the dimensions of the tub before building out walls that the tub plumbing will require for support before anything can be finalized and moving in a forward direction.  I don't blame him, I am a little anxious about building walls, moving plumbing, and tiling without having seen the actual tub in the space.  Also, the kitchen (which should have been complete by now) is still sitting in boxes in our garage, with a new proposed install date of October 3rd.....no one at our house is holding their breath!

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