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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

California Drivers!

We held off for quite some time, as we did not want to be official California drivers!  However, after moving into our house, and waiting 4 weeks to get an appointment, and dragging our feet a little in between we are now licensed in California....which I believe was the last thing keeping us from being absolutely official Californians!

We had to re-take the written driving exam which made us feel like we were 15 again.  I hope you find this as ironic as me:  the one state we have lived in that requires a written test to get a license no matter what your age, has some of the worst drivers!  Hmmm  Yet, that is not the story I am telling here.  What I really want to share is that I got a perfect score on my exam, and Todd missed the maximum amount allotted in order to pass!  The women at the DMV actually had a sense of humor and joked with us when I asked if they could put it in writing that I am the better driver, so we can finally settle the dispute!  No such luck!

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