"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Dinners

We wasted no time using our new grill toys. Last night, we made a pizza on our Wilton Armetale platter. We used wheat pizza dough from the bakery at Whole Foods and topped it with tomato sauce, sauteed onions, fresh tomato, pulled grilled chicken, garlic, and mozzarella cheese! It was so good, and the grill gave the pizza a wonderful smoky flavor. The grill platter was a great investment - we will definitely be using it a lot this summer!

I also made a mixed baby green salad with homemade hot balsamic dressing. It seemed fitting for me to throw some fresh mint, toasted shredded coconut, sliced strawberries, and almonds. We love to make salads at our house, and starting our meal with this summery salad just sounded wonderful! We also opened a bottle of champagne to make some refreshing drinks for the hot grilling! I mixed 2 parts champagne with 1 part pineapple coconut puree, poured over crushed ice, and added fresh mint. Wonderful!!!
To finish off the summer theme, I made a mixed berry cobbler. It had raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries in it, and I finished it with homemade dough, butter, and a brown sugar dusting. I ate mine with vanilla gelato! Yummy! We more than indulged last night! Tonight, we have decided to go a little lighter :)

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