"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Miami!

Todd is working in Miami today, so we spent the night here last night. It was just after dinner, and we were in a hotel room, and looking for something to do. We are in Miami -- there are so many things we could have gotten into last night. But, instead we decided to go to a late movie! Which we were actually more excited about than any other prospect, because it is a little nostalgic for us! When we were dating long distance, we would make promises to each other that we would wait to go see certain movies together. The list of movies would get long quickly, and our list of 'to-do's" while together was even longer, especially as we approached the wedding. So, we would run around all day getting things done, and go to the late night movie to cap off our night. I always loved these nights because it was a good way to unwind, and the theater was maybe 3 miles from my house in downtown Atlanta. So, I would change into comfy clothes (only after we were engaged though, I would stay dressed up while we were dating to make sure the ring was on its way and there was no buyer's remorse on Todd's part! haha) after dinner, get a decaf coffee or bedtime tea, and drag myself into the theater for a nice wind down...I'm sure to Todd's embarrassment. And after the movie, Todd would practically carry me home, and I would have to drag myself out of bed for work the next morning! But, I loved these nights, because going to the movies made me feel like a normal couple that lived in the same city and had the time together to do things like go to the movies. I also get the warm and fuzzies when I think about late night movies, because the night we got engaged, we were both so excited we couldn't sleep, so we went to a late night movie on a Monday night! Since we have been married, we still go to movies, just not as much, and never the late showing! Last night was such a treat :)

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