"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Todd has sent you a romantic eCard"

I woke up this morning to Breck whimpering in his crate to get out, and an empty bed...just me! You would think I would be used to this, after all I have only been married a few months. However, it is funny how quickly life together takes over everything you used to know, and do, and consider normal as a single girl! Todd has been traveling a good deal lately, and I must admit it has been hard on me. It makes me truly appreciate my mom who raised three kids while my dad, who is a pilot, was away flying. In fact, it makes me feel a little stupid to complain about Todd being gone so much lately when that is how it is all the time for some couples like my parents.

Regardless, I think it's a little depressing to start your day off alone. I truly believe God made us to walk through life with a partner, someone to support you in countless ways and be a companion. It is so nice to have that in Todd. It was nice to roll over this morning after the realization of another day without Todd, pick up my phone, and have a text from him waiting for me. What was even better was an ecard when I jumped on my laptop this morning.

I know this kind of sounds silly that an ecard made my day, but when Todd and I were dating long distance, I was the queen of ecards. I sent them to Todd for big occassions that I had to miss as well as a mid-week "thinking of you". How fun that Todd returned the favor in a nostalgic sort of way, and spoke my love language!

The best part of the ecard, was the email subject line that prepared me for the tone of the card -- "Todd has sent you a romantic ecard". Not just any ecard, but a romantic ecard. At this point, I figured this must be an ecard site created by a male. He finds it necessary to either set expectations, or make sure that the reader understands the card is supposed to be romantic and therefore ellicit the intended response. Just in case your man doesn't write the most loving things in the card, the company is going to make sure you understand his intent was to be romantic even if he screwed it up! In that case, maybe it is a female, who has been let down a few times! haha Either way, it made me laugh :) Off to enjoy a gorgeous spring day in Georgia!

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