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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

House of Love

After titling this post, Amy Grant's old school "House of Love" starting running through my mind.  I apologize, I know you are now humming it!  Brings me back to Elementary school, doing "figure" skating routines in the street with friends to her cassette....yup you read all of that correctly!!  Had a Nancy Kerrigan poster on my closet door (the only place we were allowed to hang things) and a great weekend included a new dance routine choreographed for hours to Janet Jackson with all of the girls :)  Those were the days....no bills, open weekends, and no idea what any of the lyrics to songs we liked really meant!!

Took me a minute to figure out what the heck I was here to blog about after all that?!?  Yes, house of love...no worries, not what you are thinking...it is safe to keep reading!  I guess Labor of Love may have been a more appropriate title, however it is not quite finished so I don't want to use such severe and scary words until the laboring is complete and a distant memory!  When my blogging is behind, it is safe to assume we are busy working on the house!  Never a dull moment here....there is always something to paint, hang, install, etc!  So, here is a montage (sorry for the yuck pics) to all things productive over the last several days:

We added this couch to our upstairs sitting area and finally prettied up the built-ins....

....I hung these cool wall hangings in the master bathroom over the tub

....And made these monogrammed framings as an inexpensive wall filler for our living room

....We finally had the tin tile backsplash and undercounter lighting with lightrail installed in the kitchen

...and the island lighting too!

....and I finished off our stove hood with this piece of garden art I've had for years!

....We purchased a rug for the den

...and the great room is looking more complete each day!

So, we finally paid a little bit of attention to outside with new light fixtures to replace the dingy and old

....and some flowers to brighten the porch

...and finally added some iron work to above the door!

As you can see, this house has been rejuvenated with lots of time, hard work, finishing touches and love!  It is finally feeling more like ours, more cozy, and just more like home!  Happy Valentine's Day from our house to yours, wherever it may be!

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  1. so jealous of your v-day!
    have fun at the winery!!!!

    and love the back splash and your bar!