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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentines Day & Laundry

I know you are curious what Valentine's Day and laundry have in common...in our house they are both things I love and are full of pink and red!!  Okay, maybe I don't love laundry, but I LOVE our laundry room (or MY laundry room)!!

Here is what it looked like before when we saw it on our house hunting trip while the previous family was still here (this really isn't even in all of it's glory...the opposite wall had a life-size mural of a clothes line with womens' lingerie and Abercrombie t-shirts on it):

...and this is what it looks like now!

I didn't realize how drastic the change was until I just posted those next to each other!!  We purchased cherry red washer and dryer units, painted the walls "Bella Pink", tiled the floor to match the rest of the tile in that hallway, and gave it a good scrubbing!!

This is what replaced the wall with the mural:

...and this is my most recent craft project!  Todd only owns three different socks in multiple quantities, and somehow they are always missing their partner!

The first project on my new sewing machine is going to be a window covering for the laundry room!  Todd and I did some shopping in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood last week to find a sewing table.  This is what we came home with (the chair is from our garage and isn't staying):

Along with all of the fun laundry activities going on this house (no, really - I loved redoing the laundry room...it was a small and manageable project!) have been Valentine's day festivities!  After getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I made this cute felt heart wreath to take the place of the pine wreath that just came down after the holidays.  [As if I needed to add another project to my list]

...and if you give a mouse a cookie...he will want to decorate the entire kitchen....


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