"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Ready for Fat Tuesday!

Fat is certainly appropriate!  We haven't even hit Tuesday yet, and I already know it is going to be the most unhealthy day I have had in MONTHS!  Yes, months....even worse than Christmas!!!

So, Fat Tuesday....Todd and I had discussed having a housewarming party tomorrow and going all out with the decorations and food, but then decided against a mid-week party.  So, we had absolutely no plans.  Well, lo and behold our spontaneous friends didn't want to miss out on a fun night so they decided today to host a pancake dinner at their house tomorrow!  Enter Elizabeth, who's brain is in full gear planning how she can partake in pancakes and all the food fun with a gluten and casein allergy in tow!  Pancakes are the easy part, bring homemade batter and my own pan with me!  However, a girl cannot live and party on pancakes alone!  Enter gluten free, dairy free king cake recipe thanks to Jules Gluten Free Flour blog who almost always has me covered!  You can see the full recipe here:


I won't bore you with all the details of the recipe, you can certainly read all the way through it if you would like.  I didn't even read all of it, just used common sense and did what I wanted for the most part (yeah, yeah I know if Todd's reading this, he is thinking "what's new??")  So, here is a pictorial of my baking venture:

Looks normal already, doesn't it??

Loving our huge island, it is perfect for everything!!

Even rolled fairly easily sans gluten and traditional binders....

I even got to use my brand spankin' new Emile Henry pizza stone....

...and while it was baking, I made powdered sugar in my Vitamix with the dry container!!  It is so much cheaper than buying it at the grocery store and I know exactly what is in it!!

 ...and you know I had to make my own colored sugars with raw sugar and natural food coloring...none of that chemical junk!  I have to make up for my sugar vice, after all!

Ah, fresh out of the oven!!

Iced, sprinkled with sugar and ready to go!!!

...here's to hoping this actually makes it to the party!!


  1. ...how well does that cake ship you think?

  2. You should totally try the recipe - amazing!!!