"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friday, May 27, 2011

This is worth celebrating....

Thank goodness for celebratory drinks to help a girl sleep! If it weren't for having to get up over an hour ago to take a potty break (this is apparently my new thing, I get up several times a night...my bladder shrank or something, and I assure you I am not pregnant!) I would still be asleep.   Very frustrating, but I will save you the details.  With so many things running through my mind I am surprised I made it this long before realizing tossing and turning was futile!  So, I am doing what anyone else in my position might do, blog from bed of course!  ;o)

Sleeping aid

So, why do I write you at 3 am?  What is going through my mind that I can't seem to shake....and probably won't anytime soon?  Well, after three months of waiting, Todd and I got word late yesterday afternoon that the bank accepted our offer on the short sell!  It wasn't the moment I had imagined it to be. Todd had a suspicion, and took the incoming call from our realtor while in a meeting.  He then called me, and I answered the phone in a Nordstrom dressing room, while trying on clothes (okay, and shoes!) that had nothing to do with the dress I was hunting...but it was the half yearly sale!  We rushed off the phone so Todd could get back to his afternoon of meetings, and so that I could begin tackling our suddenly long 'to do' list.  Clearly, neither of us was expecting the call!  We have been told for the past few weeks the sellers anticipated word from the bank soon.  However, we were not holding our breath, and never thought the response would simply be "okay", instead of haggling over inspection companies, contingencies, or the price.  The bank is requiring we close by June 17th, and we are totally fine with that!  The house is being inspected on Tuesday, and we are hoping to get the appraisal in late next week, also.  We are so ready to be out of this hotel and have our stuff out of storage, so a little rushing to close this home is not upsetting us!  All we have with us is what we brought on the plane, and while it easily got us through the first month, we are beginning to have to purchase things we did not forsee needing.  The Hoods are supporting our locally economy, especially Target, Staples, and our neighborhood post office!

As you can tell, this called for a last-minute celebration!   When Todd got home from work, we headed to a Mexican place in town that has awesome fresh margaritas!  I'm not convinced this place is very authentic, but I love the cool lighting, homemade corn tortillas, and their support of local, organic farmers.  If you come stay in the Hood casa, I'm sure we can take you!  We sat at the bar, Todd enjoyed some basketball while I forced him to document the night with a picture, and we toasted our soon-to-be home in California!


    i'm so excited for you guys!

  2. Hooray! So excited!! Congratulations.