"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend -- of rest!

We are having very vivid visions of being weekend warriors in the very near future!  So, to counter our exhausting day-dreams, we decided to take this long weekend to relax, while we can!

We drove up to Santa Barbara on Saturday, along with everyone else heading to beaches North of us.  For once, I didn't mind the traffic, because it meant we could sit and watch the surfers and waves out the driver-side window on the 1.  Once in Santa Barbara, we enjoyed strolling on the beach, an oceanside lunch with margaritas, and some shopping!

Self-portrait....so nice of all the passer-bys to offer to take our picture for us!?

Gorgeous!  Love the mountains, trees, beach, and water!

Then, we truly did embraced having nothing to do and took it easy for the remainder of the weekend.  We had a lot of relaxing "us" time, which was much needed!

Breck got a long-overdue bath....

My tiny little man!

Cold and not happy!
...and then decided to snooze in the dirty clothes (which are now clean - love when all of the laundry is clean and put away!)

He loves being under the hanging clothes!

No worries, I got permission from Todd to post a pic of his skivvies on the blog!
We cooked a yummy pasta with cherry tomatoes and zucchini in a balsamic sauce for dinner.  We ate our gourmet meal on paper plates and finished off a bottle of white wine (that Todd picked up at CVS haha) out of plastic cups -- only the best!!! ;o)

...but mostly just LOVED having both of my oh-so-handsome boys around for three days straight! :o)

Tomorrow, it is back to the rat race!  Todd is back at work (early!!), and I have a long to do list to tackle.  We are meeting at the house in the afternoon for the inspection and to meet a flooring guy so that he can get us some quotes for replacing the dog-urine-soaked carpet upstairs before we move in.  That's the plan for now at least.... will write more about the house soon!

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