"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We have been so busy, and I'm not sure how our calendar went from being so bare to full so soon after moving!  We are really trying to immerse ourselves in everything here, and get as settled as possible!  This is what we have been doing over the last several weeks:

Drove by the home in Oceanside I lived in for a few years as a kid.

Visited with family that came to visit, and watched
Breck entertain my cousin...or my cousin entertain Breck!
Visited open houses way outside of our price range...
just for fun!

Had my first jicama tacos, and they were delicious!

Got a little bit of home decor inspiration!

Watched Breck make friends with his obedience school classmates!

Got outside of our hotel room for a glass of wine!

...and watched Breck chase this rabbit!!
(his new hobby)

Scoped out strawberry fields, and other farms I want to visit
once we have a kitchen!

Visited my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousin in San Diego for Easter,
and we had a nation-wide online egg decorating contest with family 

...and this was my contribution to our "California dreaming"
themed egg submissions - yes, that is real hair!  lol

Found a Chick-fil-A on my way to pick up Todd
from the airport last week (he was out of town for work),
I surprised him with an Arnold Palmer and fries at 10pm!

Somehow taught Breck some obedience thanks to his classes!!
(See how in shock I am!?!)

Found several mexican restaurants (Todd's favorite) and
celebrated another Ava promotion!!
A few days ago, we moved to a different hotel that is much closer to Todd's work.  It has actually been a good thing.  However, the move was not as easy as we thought it would be!  We couldn't believe we somehow got all of the same stuff through the airport, and cross country only a month ago!  It seemed impossible!! 

I also bought a toaster oven recently, so we set it up in this hotel room after the move.  I made baked chicken last night and was so thrilled to have a decent meal in the hotel!  Today, I bought a VitaMix blender, and so I'm sure that will be my new obsession once it gets here!

We sure are missing everyone, and as time goes by we are also missing our stuff (how silly does that sound??).  We are hoping to have house news soon...and as always will keep you updated!

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