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Friday, April 8, 2011

A week and a half in...

I am writing you from sunny, Southern California!  I wish I could say it is sunny, but it is not!  It is actually pretty cold out this week, and every weekend we have been here, we have had rain!  What's up with that?

Nothing totally momentous has happened to date!  However, I did want to give a quick update on our comings and goings!

Foremost, I think I need to touch on Todd's new position, since it is the reason we moved after all! ;)  Todd is loving his new job, and is starting to get the hang of it!  He has an office with a window across one wall that overlooks the parking lot....wait for it....and mountains in the background!  While I miss having him at the house hotel all day, it is so fun to meet him for lunch or anticipate his arrival home at the end of the day!  We have met several people through the Transitions group that his company coordinates for recently relocated families, and it seems to have really helped!

Last weekend, we were anxious to get out of the hotel, and some of my family was in San Diego for the weekend (in addition to my family that already lives there).  So, we traveled 2 hours south to spend some time with them!  Thank you to my cousin, Kaili who spoiled Todd with amazing cupcakes for breakfast at the bakery she manages in Encinitas, California.  Check out her website :  www.elizabethandesserts.com -- they ship!!!

On our way home from San Diego, we stopped at a BMW dealership to "look", and ended up coming home with a new car.  Here it is:

Living in a hotel has been okay.  It is a love/hate relationship!  I love that our bed gets made, and our room gets cleaned daily...and not by me!  I love that when I need some interaction during the day, I can grab Breck and my MacBook and head out to the lobby for the best people-watching!  I love that we have great restaurant options right outside the front doors of the hotel, just a quick walk across the parking lot!  However, I do not like watching my laundry spin as I wait for it to wash and dry, or the screaming baby above us.  I do not like that we stare at the same walls when we are home-bound, or that our kitchen is limited to a fridge and microwave...living gluten free in a hotel really limits my food options!

...on a good note there has been small movement on the house.  Our realtor told us an appraisal was requested by the lender and it came out in the range they wanted.  This is the first thing we have heard from the lender, so it was amazing news to hear they are actually looking at our file!

And, finally I am so excited to share that while we have nothing on our calendar, I am taking advantage of the excess time on the weekends!  Breck has no idea what is about to hit his spoiled little self!  After months (....and months) of begging Todd to get on board with the idea that Breck needs to be obedient, he has given in!  He may be cute and small, but I still think he should know how to behave.  I think being in the hotel and sharing a dog run with other dogs who are either better (or worse) behaved, has really magnified Breck's little behavior problems!  So, Breck starts a 6 week obedient class tomorrow!  He will (hopefully) learn to sit, stay, lay down, wait, walk on a leash (as opposed to being a spaz), and learn who is boss (not him)!!  I will report our progress...or lack of it?!?

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