"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breck-man Obedience

Well, we found out on Saturday that Breck is just as determined to be the boss as we thought!  While it's not so bothersome now, I'm sure it will be worse as time goes by!  So, I am glad we are doing obedience classes!

He did okay, but certainly was not fond of the submission activities!  And, we found out while he will do just about anything for a treat, he is determined to not walk calmly on a leash.  Right now, he hunkers down in his harness and acts as if he is a sled dog...and somehow all three pounds of him manages to get his way!  We were told that Breck needs a new harness that attaches below his chin and over his nose to give him more correction, since his harness is oh-so-comfy.

So, in the land of high end pet boutiques on every corner, Breck and I ventured out to get his new harness today.  We fitted it in the store, and he was not a big fan!  So, I made him wear it home to "get over it"... and he certainly did NOT get over it!  He spent the drive home pouting, trying to work it off with his paws, and whimpering!  When I got him out of the car at the hotel, he did not want to walk on the leash, he kept laying down on the concrete and making it clear he was not happy with me!  Enjoy his pouty pictures!!


  1. hahaha I love this! He is too cute!

  2. Thanks :) He still doesn't like his new harness, but he tolerates it better!