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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August means...my birthday!!!!

I love my birthday!  In fact, I love my entire birthday month!!!  I love that growing up, birthdays always meant it was your day!  We woke up to a decorated bedroom door, any breakfast cereal of our choice, a card and confetti in our lunch box if it was a school day, balloons and streamers hanging from the mantle, dinner of our choice, we got to eat off the "You are Special Today" plate, we got the most thoughtful gifts wrapped in fun paper, and of course our birthday cake was always homemade!  My parents always made birthdays a big deal, and such a fun day!  I look forward to doing the same thing for my kids!

For all of you who know Todd -- No worries, I have already dealt with the fact that I know Todd will most likely NOT purchase confetti and balloons to decorate the house, bake me a cake, and wrap my gifts in cute matching paper and ribbon!  However, I am sure he will make it a special day in his own way!

So, what is on my wish list, you ask?

*Emilie Sloan Seattle Stasha Carry All in Silver Stone ($68) -- these bags are my new obsession (as you can see from my previous post)!  I love their cute patterns, their durability, that they are a Seattle based company, and maybe the fact that they are a new company and I haven't seen one person carrying one of their bags yet!  Their website does not do these bags justice, you have to see them in person!  http://www.emiliesloan.com/

*Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in paperback -- I was given the first two books for my birthday last year, and I am just now finishing New Moon (yes, I know I am VERY behind the times on this)...which means I am almost out of reading material! 

*Brighton "E" charm in silver, on the matching Brighton thick 36" silver chain -- because I think it's cute, why not?
*Coach Sutton Signature Wristlet in Black ($48)-- to use as a camera case, but it also has a little strap and plenty of room to throw in a credit card, ID and cell for a night out! 

*Williams-Sonoma Commercial Quality Half Sheet Pan ($19) -- I am ready to make my mom's pumpkin roll recipe at Thanksgiving....except I don't have a jelly roll pan!  Considering I have a 16" round cake pan (a must-have for any kitchen - HA!!), 3 spring form pans, a cabinet with about 20 different shapes and sizes of pans, and countless other baking must-haves, I have no idea how this happened!! 
Well, that's it!  Other than more place settings of our china -- only so that they can sit in their box in our laundry room until we actually have a formal dining room!  Happy Birthday month to me!!!!  :o)

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