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Monday, February 15, 2010

First Valentines Day!

I have had a huge epiphany this weekend! I am writing a newlywed blog, and have been horrible about keeping it updated. I don't update much, because I think well really, who is reading this...well who is going to read when I am not writing? Furthermore, we do so many fun things as newlyweds, and I am not sharing them! So, I have resolved to be better at writing about the fun things we do that make being a newlywed so great! Starting with Valentine's Day weekend...

This weekend, we were supposed to have some friends from Atlanta in town to have a fun couples weekend! However, Atlanta got some unheard of amounts of snow, and they were unable to make it. We had plans to go see Valetines Day the movie on Saturday and take a chocolate class Saturday night, and on Sunday we had dinner reservations. So, once we found out our friends would not be arriving, Todd and I decided to go the late movie on Friday night.

Saturday, we had a wonderful day at the house. We talked some friends into filling our newly vacant spots in our chocolate class reservation. They came over for dinner before hand and Todd grilled steaks on our Le Creuset grill pan which were amazing! We tried some new blue cheese herb butter on our steaks that the sample woman at Publix conned us into. It was actually pretty good, but a little pricey - still, you should try it! Oh, and I made an arugula salad with candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, and homemade balsamic vinegarette. That was pretty yummy too! We also went through a good deal of red wine with dinner! We love this red blend we found at a wine tasting called Trovicello... I think?? Anyway, we are now out, and I need to figure out how I can get my hands on some more! After dinner, we headed down the street a few blocks (yes we walked we love our little live-work-play neighborhood!) to the chocolate shop where our 9:00 chocolate class was being held. Much to our surprise, we arrived to find the shop had no record of our reservation -- which was very unsettling considering they charged a deposit to our credit card over a week prior. Long story short, it smelled amazing in there(even to this girl who does not love chocolate), everyone who's reservation wasn't messed up seemed to be having fun, the management seemed super unorganized (considering they couldn't even find our original charge in their "system" to credit us, as well as our reservation), and we felt silly for begging friends to come with us and couldn't deliver! haha Not sure if we will try to actually do this again...maybe we will find a more organized establishment to attempt this class at. So, we quickly got over the fact we wouldn't be making chocolate and walked back home to open another bottle of wine and eat the leftover chocolate chip cookies I had made for Bible study earlier in the week.

Sunday we woke up and went to the new church we have been trying out. I'm not going to lie - after realizing how much I had drank the night before, it took me a minute to check my vitals when my eyes first opened that morning. After all, I had inadvertantly drank 3 large glasses of wine the night before...what can I say, the wine and good times were flowing! Luckily, I felt fine. We came home from church and had such a wonderful "lay around the house" afternoon that included exchanging our $10 gifts. This is our new thing...we have been spending so much on completing our registries, and things for our home, that we have resolved to spending less on each other for holidays. So, for Christmas, we stuffed each other's stockings for $30 and it turned out to be so fun! We bought each other such thoughtful and creative gifts we decided to do it again for Vday (or as Todd calls it VD - hmmmmm venereal disease day may actually be fitting for some!! -- regressing!!)! So, I tried to think like Todd (PRACTICAL!!) and finally decided on a ceramic coffee mug he's been eyeing with shortbread cookies and the caramel flavor stuff he loves to put in his coffee in the morning. He on the other hand, tried to think like me - sweet and thoughtful. Those are his words to describe my gift giving technique, and I have to agree! haha To be thoughtful, he made me coupons for things like breakfast in bed!! SCORE! I will definatley be using these! Then, with his ten dollars, he bought something sweet...my favorite candies: Swedish fish and licorice. Our first valentines day may have only made my bank account 10 dollars lighter, but it will make me 10 pounds heavier! haha I will have to practice self control and pace myself!

Oh, and dinner last night was amazing! We kept our reservations at the Ravenous Pig (a gastropub) - yes this is the name of the restaurant. It seems to be a strange word to use with food...practically the predatory pig...makes me think they would have mad cow burgers on their menu! However, the restaurant is actually very good, and their cornerstone is based on all natural, locally grown, constantly changing menu items. Todd had a lamb burger and I loved my mussels with truffle fries. Of course, this girl could not pass up dessert, so we ordered the chocolate souffle with raspberry puree and sweet cream ice cream! Check them out... (and yes we are more than happy to take you when you visit us) http://theravenouspig.com/ .

So, here we are on this gorgeous Monday, and I just got around to washing the wine glasses and dishes from Saturday night this morning while still in jammies! Oh, and another reason I love being a newlywed: the UPS guy stopped at our house this morning with a wedding gift from Macys! How fun is that? Little surprises all the time showing up on our doorstep! Happy Presidents day to everyone, I'm sure I have given my play by play of the weekend enough! We are off to the outlets for the afternoon to find some good sales!

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