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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tally Bound

It has been a crazy morning thus far...who knew! Well, let me start by explaining that this is the second time I have written this post since the first one did not publish, and when I went back to the saved version to repost and only one word was saved. I am no longer in the mood to retype my original post, or try to. So, here is the abriged version:

We are are leaving for Tallahassee this afternoon because Todd has to be there for work. So, I decided to go with him for several reasons, which I'm sure some would find silly. A) I do not like staying at home by myself overnight...this has never been a problem before so my theory is I am worried that if something were to happen while Todd was out of town, I wouldn't have the support system I would in Altanta, and I don't really know my way around Orlando that well say should I need to find a hospital. In addition, Breck is a good companion, but he also creates the need to take him outside to potty in the middle of the night sometimes, or even late at night. I'm not sure we have the best neighbors, and the two cops that live in our building don't seem to be overly protecting and serving so that's not comforting. B) I am newly unemployed, so why not C) I could use a break from things like filing unemployment via phone in the state of Georgia remotely from Florida (I'm sure you have guessed this has been inefficient and unproductive), changing my name on documents, consolidating accounts since we got married, trying to procure life insurance, changing my name and then changing my name on accounts and things, etc. etc. etc.

Todd has been scowering the house all morning for a projector he needs for one of his meetings tomorrow. I have no idea where it was put in our house when we moved here, and to be honest don't know that I have ever seen it. We may be looking for something that in actuality may no longer be in our possession...maybe the movers took it...I mean they have been known for doing that here oh and breaking furniture! That's a whole new story. I am afraid if it is in the house, it is in the pits of the office closet. I cannot put into words how bad the task of lookign through that closet will be, but I can tell you we have everything in that closet from boxes of copy paper, to Christmas decorations, a file cabinet, Todd's gold clubs, and even Todd's bike. Remember, we live in an apartment, and while Todd thought the bike was a good addition to the family room decor, I disagreed and with every bit of determination stuffed it in the upstairs closet a few weeks ago!

Long story short, I need to get back to helping him hunt this projector down, do laundry, and pack for our little trip! Happy Wednesday!

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