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Friday, January 29, 2010

Le Creuset!!

I must preface this story by telling you I am a long time fan of Williams Sonoma, and especially their outlet store! (How could I not be? My sister and I went to the outlet last week and got peppermint dish soap, countertop cleaner, and hand soap for two dollars a piece!!) I have never had an issue with their products or services until a few weeks ago....

Several weeks ago, Todd and I finally went to Williams Sonoma to purchase the Le Creuset dutch oven I have been coveting...okay maybe coveting is a little much, but I have definately been wanting it for a long time! It was on sale, and I have always wanted it in red, so we asked an associate to pull one from the back for us. We got to the counter, and I was looking at the box as they took a long time to ring us up. I noticed the color on the box was 'flame'....that did not seem right, flame was the orange color I wasn't a huge fan of I thought to myself. Long story short, they were out of red, and thought they would slip this orange dutch oven right into my arms...are they kidding me?!?! So, they had to order it from their warehouse and have it shipped. A little over a week later, a large box was delivered to our house from Williams Sonoma. It was about 4' high, and had a 3' x 3' base. I thought, wow...I don't remember registering for anything this big - some of our family or friends must have really been generous with a wedding gift! I opened it to find one piece of packing paper that clearly was serving no purpose, and my Le Creuset dutch oven in it's box way down at the bottom of the huge empty space. I know it is no surprise when I tell you that the dutch oven had a crack that practically split it in half! So, we took it back to the store to ask for a replacement. It was then that they told us it was on backorder until February and they would put in a replacement order. Did they try yet again to push anything into my arms in order to fulfill the order? So, now that I have made a short story long, we recieved a box from Williams Sonoma today. I was so surprised to open the box and it be my dutch oven...in red...and in tact!! Here it is - finally!!

If we didn't already have dinner plans, I would be making roast chicken, or stew, or beouf bourguignon! In fact, we have dinner plans all weekend - I kind of wish this was going to be a lay around the house and snuggle on the couch watching movies weekend. But, it's not! I'm sure my dutch oven will get plenty of use -- I will let it have a few days of rest before putting it to work!

Oh I almost forgot to share these pictures...Breck LOVED the air thingies that came in the box, and ran all over the house with them! We eventually put him in the box to play and he stayed in it for over an hour - he even took a nap in it after he wore himself out burrowing in the packing material! He's a nut - how boring was our life before him? Such a cutie :)

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