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Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I have been horrible at updating my blog since the move to Orlando. I cannot describe how busy things have been. So, here is the rundown to get you up to date. Then, I promise I will post much more frequently!

-Some wonderful family friends threw me a surprise shower in mid-November. The theme was holiday decor so I got lots of wonderful decorations, candles, ornaments and platters! The best part was that it was a brunch shower with shrimp and grits, desserts, and mimosas!!

-The rehearsal dinner and wedding went off perfectly! I was so calm and enjoyed it - in fact, I wish I could get married every weekend! My feet had horrible blisters on them from dancing all night at our reception, but it was worth it!

-We went to Maui for a week on our honeymoon and had an amazing time! We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, and enjoyed the gorgeous views, great food, and our beautiful suite. However, Delta lost our luggage for our first three days, and Todd was sick with a fever of 103 for the next 2 days after getting our luggage. But we still had so much fun and were able to fit in a bike ride, a Maui invitational basketball game, ziplining, a luau, and of course lots of good food and sun time! oh yes, and we spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii and had the best Thanksgiving buffet dinner at the Ritz dining room.

-We returned home to Orlando and spent the next two weeks nesting and playing catch up before heading to Atlanta, Kentucky, and Nashville to visit all of our families for Christmas and New Years.
-After Christmas, Todd who swore we would never get any pets, gave in and we bought a maltese puppy who is so dang cute. We don't know what we did before him! He truly keeps us entertained and busy! Breck is now such a part of our family!

-Todd went to Las Vegas last week for work, and I spent the week in Atlanta with my family. My sister's kids loved Breck and now are asking for a puppy of their own! Oh, and I also threw a surprise baby shower (co-hosted by my friend Shaylan) for our friend Lisa Anne and her husband Chris in Atlanta. Chris was in on it, but Lisa Anne was so surprised!!!

So, we have now completed yet another trip to Atlanta and got home last night. It was so good to be back to our routine, and of course Breck was excited to have all of his familiar things back. Back to life as we know it, and 80 degree weather in late January!!

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  1. Madelyn said, "Hey! There's Breck!" Good updates - quick and dirty! :) Definitely keep going - I enjoy reading.