"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Awaiting Baby Hood's Arrival.....

I sit here anxiously waiting for this baby to decide to make his grand entrance all the while thinking I want to soak up every last second of this pregnancy and our last days of being just Todd & I.  Yet, while I try to relax, enjoy the ride, rest, and soak in the quiet.....I can't help but feel anxious and wash baby clothes, add to my hospital bag, make final touches to the nursery, and wonder about every twinge and pain.  It is finally May and I am one excited Mommy!!

Todd and I have made a real effort to go on dates and enjoy our time lately.  We have seen several movies over the last few weeks, and have done a few dinner dates to some of our favorite places that aren't so baby or kid friendly.  In addition, we have been madly completing projects around the house and in the nursery.  You would think everything would be absolutely pristine by now, but believe it or not, I can still add to the list!

In fact, I do believe that is my excuse for not posting as much lately.....too much going on!  So, I will use the rest of this post to share some pics of the progress we have made in the nursery.....

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