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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bathroom Rehauls

Warning:  I will need a brief moment on my soapbox....you may want to tune out for the next 2 paragraphs....Starting now:  I am unsure why in this millenium people still put carpet in their bathrooms.  I understand this post may be a little abrassive, especially if you have carpet in your bathrooms.  However, I think this needs to be addressed head on....it is about the grossest thing in a home!  Why you ask?  Foremost, let me say people have mishaps and not everything always makes it into the commode.  I'm sure I don't need to spell out the repurcussions of this, but I will share a visual from our upstairs bathroom.  Notice the lovely ring of "water" stain around the base of the toilet?

My next and final piece of evidence should wrap it all up if the first didn't do it for you.... we pulled up the carpet in the bathrooms yesterday, and due to the lack of barrier carpet provides, and the wonderful home it makes, we found black mold!  Black mold that had decayed the subflooring in several different areas - thank goodness no one had fallen through it yet!

We have cut out the decayed subflooring, and have treated the flooring around it.  Now we wait so that we can lay tile on the new subfloor!

In the meantime, I have become the Director of Acquisitions at Hood Enterprises (among my many other titles , lately).  Thanks to some long-distance help from our branding consultant, aka my Mom (one of the few people who has seen our house in person), and the ability to text pictures I feel confident with my choices :)  I am a nut about trying to find exactly what I want at the cheapest price possible and not being afraid to use coupons in conjunction with sales, so making these decisions was a long process that included a great deal of research.  I am so glad these things are finally purchased and I can no longer spend my days researching them.  Here is a tiny preview of the bathroom palette....

The moving company came to pick up all of the boxes and paper yesterday from the garage, and so it was finally clean!  However, that victory was short lived, as this is what it looks like now with all of the bathroom stuff I bought yesterday:

Alright, back to research and acquisitions!  I'm just thankful it is no longer for bathroom notions, I have moved on to doorknobs and hardware!

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