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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had a horrible wall that divided our huge 12' by 10' master closet awkwardly into his and hers sides.  So much so, that Todd was unable to walk down his side of the closet, it was so narrow.  We knew we wanted to put in a true closet organization system, and that we would really like to open up the closet and incorporate an island or ottoman in the center.  I was feeling super-confident after the 3 months of DIY and HGTV channel surfing I had done in the hotel, and was ready to take on a project that did not include a paint brush! 

After ensuring the wall was not load bearing, and that there was no wiring going through it, we decided to do a little demo project last Saturday!  Armed with sunglasses (eye protection, of course!), hammers and crow-bars we went to work removing the glass before taking our worst-home-purchase-experience-ever wrath out on the wall!  While it was fun for the first few minutes, my romanticized thoughts of how fun this would be very quickly fizzled!  Here's how it went:

Hers - Before

His - Before

We condensed our clothes to the far walls in the closet,
covered them with plastic and taped them off

We then put sticky-back contractor's plastic
over the mirror in case it broke

Then, we were ready to take this down!

The shelving was removed.....

Then the mirror (in one piece even!)....

...and finally, the wall! 
I am in the process of purchasing a closet organization system.  I'm hoping to have that ordered by the end of the week for arrival soon after the new carpet is installed in the closet.  I will post the "true" after pictures of the closet then!

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