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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carpet Detour

Today was the day I had waited for since we moved in (among many other dates, but this one was up there).  I was looking forward to the bleached/makeup stained/urinated on carpets to finally leave this house along with their horrible stench and be replaced with brand new!  Not only were we replacing the carpets, but we were pulling up some beaten up hardwoods in the loft that didn't match the hardwoods throughout the rest of the house.  The upstairs had four different carpets and hardwoods in two bedrooms a bathroom (yuck!) and a loft.  In addition, the stairs were a totally different carpet from the 4 already used upstairs.  The previous owners did so many strange things in this home, and we were looking forward to some consistency beginning with all one flooring upstairs!

However, my big plans for finally moving and arranging furniture and unpacking the last of the boxes this afternoon quickly faded.  The carpeting guys began just before 8am ripping up the old flooring.  They soon slowed down after pulling up the carpets and spent over six hours (yes, that does say "six") to remove the hardwood flooring in the loft.  The loft had hardwoods surrounding a carpet inlay, so this was not a massive amount of wood to remove.  However, the previous owners had it installed like tile.  They had used trowels to literally swipe 1/4 inch layers of glue across the subflooring.  This means, the hardwoods came up inches and tiny pieces at a time.  In addition, the beating the subflooring took from chisels, crowbars, and hammers during the demo today was unrepairable.  The floor was completely splintered and there were huge holes that left the floor compromised.

All work was stopped until they could fix the subflooring.  So, because of this....

...our house now looks like this....

So, we are now waiting for the subflooring to be pulled up and reinstalled with new, before the carpet can go in.  Part of me is just happy that nasty carpet is gone, even if we are delayed now.  I am trying to be patient as it feels like we are living in the middle of a construction zone out of boxes.  In addition to the carpet install being on hold, the kitchen and bathroom remodels are in a stalemate until the plans can be finalized.  It feels like the house keeps getting worse and worse, yet there has been no lack of time, effort, or resources put into it!  I know one day it will all fall together and actually feel like we are moving forwards instead of backwards!

Today was not all bad... the foyer console I bought in West Hollywood earlier in the week was delivered!  So, now it is sitting in the foyer crowded with the upstairs boxes and furniture, covered in a nice layer of sawdust from todays demo.  On top of it sit the wall plaques I purchased and cannot hang until painting is done, and next to those will be sconces to cover the lovely exposed wires.  However, they cannot be installed because the mount kit that came with them is too big for the electrical support on the wall.  I wish just one thing could look put together and stay clean for a bit!  As you can see, this is all so exciting and we feel so blessed to be able to do these things to such a gorgeous home.  However, I think living in a hotel prior to this, and now unexpectedly living in this chaos just feels like too much!  I'm counting down the days to doing dishes in the laundry room wash basin! Ha!

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  1. One day this will all be behind you and you will have great stories to share with friends and family. Making progress. Got a new job, moved, finally found a house, finally closed, finally moved out of the hotel, and now doing the renovations. I beat 1 year ago you wouldn't have imagined yourself where you are today. And 1 year from now it will be a memory! One step at a time! Looking good though!!