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Friday, June 24, 2011

Much-Needed Spa Day

I am going to put the bad, crazy, and not so fun in the most concise form ever because I just don't want to talk about it and want to get it out of the way, but I know you all want an update.....  SO, after mega headaches we signed loan docs on the house Tuesday evening, the deed is officially recorded as of June 24th (so close!), the homeowner prior owner still feels entitlement and wants to vacate on her schedule (which we are currently being told is next week) and she continues to be unreachable, we are now juggling movers/setting up utilities/orchestrating locksmiths/etc, AND Todd is out of town (so much for not traveling in his new position...however, he was so grateful to be back in Orlando, and fit in visits with friends, beer with the guys, shopping at John Craig, and coffee at his favorite French bakery and sushi in Tampa)!

What is a lonely girl to do when she needs a little down time and is tired of sitting in hotel room by herself all day??  She gets out!!  Better yet, for a little (okay, maybe it was more like a LOT) of pampering!!!  If you know my Aunt who lives in San Diego, you completely understand why she was the perfect partner-in-crime for this mission!  When I text her to see if she wanted to meet me for a spa treatment, she replied to let me know she had booked an entire day of lunch, spa treatments, and pool time at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Country Club, Resort & Spa!  It was heaven served on a silver platter... I now understand why they are consistently voted San Diego's Best Outdoor Spa!  This is what we did ALL.  DAY.  L. O. N. G.....

Tomorrow I drive home "home" back to the hotel (and reality) so we can finish preparing for the move and wait for the call saying the home is officially ours!  ...and then wait for Mr. Hood to arrive home from his long day of cross-country travels!

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  1. aww i hope you had fun with Auntie!
    I miss her so