"Two are Better than One!" ~Ecclesiastes 4:9

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A year past....

A year ago today Todd started his new position in California!  As I sit here typing this in our recently renovated kitchen, it seems near impossible.  Impossible because it went so quickly....and yet again, it seems crazy so much could have happened in only a years time!

These last few days bring back memories of dragging 8 bags to the airport somehow packed in the trunk of a rented Mustang!  We had no idea that while that seemed like heavy packing then, as it included everything from the dog crate to file boxes, it wouldn't nearly hold us over for the next 4 months in a hotel until our belongings were delivered to the house we purchased.  I remember this day a year ago being a tough one for me.  I spent probably 10 hours alone in the hotel room that day beginning shortly after 5 am when we woke up on our own because we were still on EST.....too afraid to leave Breck in his new surroundings alone to venture out, no one to spend time with, Todd busy at his first day of work and with little time to check in with me, collecting change for laundry, hanging clothes in the hotel closet and lining up our shoes on the floor, scouring the internet for homes we hadn't already seen on our house-hunting trip, anxiously awaiting potty breaks for Breck, making to do lists, grocery lists, to buy lists.....anything to keep me occupied!  That day seemed like it would never end and I had never been so excited to see Todd come home from work!  Over dinner that night, we talked about if we thought we had made a mistake....Gosh, had we known then what we know now...I'm not sure we would have done things the same.  That's the thing about hindsight, right? Thank goodness things have changed since that day!  While this is not our forever home, it is our for now home and it is certainly feeling more and more like home each day!

Todd's working late tonight.... yup, feels somewhat like this day a year ago ;o)


  1. i can't believe it's been a year already!

  2. I know the feeling. When I moved to chicago nick woke up at 6 and left for 24, a day home then a 96. It was the worst. There's so many feelings to be felt the first moments you move.