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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornament Craft Night!

I have wanted large, sparkly, red ornaments for our traditional Christmas tree in our living room.  It has lime green mesh ballooned on it, with all of our childhood ornaments, but it really needed something else to help pull it together.  I searched all over this holiday season, but couldn't find anything like what I wanted -- who knew large, red ornaments would be impossible to find??  So, this crafty girl decided to make her own!

I bought round craft ornaments at Michaels for dirt cheap -- no really, I think they were a dollar a piece.  Then, armed with red glitter and decoupage glue I went to work!  I removed the tops of the ornaments, and swished a mixture of the glue and water through the inside of the ornament.  I let the excess glue drain, then poured glitter inside and moved around until it was completely covered.

Todd came home from work halfway through the fun and decided to help!

...and these are his picture-taking "skills"??  Now you know why I am never in pictures!

For 14 ornaments, I spent right around $20!  The entire project took about an hour, and we have handmade ornaments we can enjoy for years!  The best part -- the glitter is on the inside, so we won't have shedding issues over the years!!

We tied the ornaments with sheer ribbon and placed on the tree!

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  1. Really really pretty, Miss Martha!!! I JUST bought those same ornaments a few hours ago. Going to make Spencer a Disney CARS ornament somehow. I'm not as crafty as you, but I was thinking of printing a pic of him standing with Lightning McQueen (at Disney) on both sides. Rolling and sticking down in there and hoping it opens up right. Then, pouring in some white glitter to swish around for "snow". Then writing his name and year on the outside with a paint marker. Any helpful hints, oh wise one?